HASLEMERE BIOBLITZ - 28th to 30th June 2019

A BioBlitz is an intense period of search and discovery aimed at recording as many living species within a designated area as possible, and we will use this approach to explore the biodiversity of our town. The activities will involve surveying by specialists, but we also want anyone interested in wildlife to get involved. It will be an informal and enjoyable event, resulting in a snapshot of the variety of life in our area. At a time when there is increasing global concern about the future of wildlife, this is a great opportunity to find out what we have in our own local environment.

The target area is within 1km radius of Haslemere Town Hall, and there will be particular focus on Haslemere Educational Museum and the National Trust’s Swan Barn Farm. As well as field observation, we will be using non-destructive methods such as camera traps, pitfall traps, small mammal footprint tunnels and moth traps.

You can get involved by:

Joining a guided walk which will include opportunities for everyone to make exciting new finds – see the programme below. 

Make your own observations in the survey area and pass them to us to add to the BioBlitz list. We can help with identification.

Just drop in to the Haslemere Education Museum on Saturday 29th June (10.00am – 5.00pm) to see what we’ve found.   


Friday 28th June    First day of survey!
Specialists invited to survey the area, and observations also welcomed from everyone in the area.

Saturday 29th June

    9.00am:   Wildlife walk (for public).
    Town Well to Swan Barn Farm, return to Museum.

    10.00am: BioBlitz room in Museum opens.
    Moths, camera trap photos, mammal footprints etc  for viewing. Latest information on new finds.

    11.00am: Insects and other invertebrates (for public).
Museum grounds.

    1.30pm:   Insects and flowers guided walk (HNHS members only).
    Museum to Swan Barn Farm.

    3.00pm:   Wildflower guided walk (for public).
Museum to Swan Barn Farm land.

    5.00pm:   BioBlitz room in Museum closes.

    9.00pm:   Bats and moths (for HNHS members and public)
    Swan Barn Farm.

Sunday 30th June 

    9.00am:   Wildlife walk (HNHS members only). Swan Barn Farm.
    Also viewing of moths, mammal footprints and camera trap photos from overnight.
    The end of this event will be the end of the survey period.