Do let us know of any interesting sightings in the area. Just e-mail us at info@haslemerenaturalhistorysociety.org.uk

All sightings are posted in good faith, but have not necessarily been formally authenticated

MARCH 2020


2nd -  5+ crossbill Near Black Down
3rd - 2+ yellowhammer Woolbeding Common
3rd - Pair of song thrushes Headley garden
4th - Pair of bullfinches Headley garden
4th - Great grey shrike and a Dartford warbler Frensham Little Pond
6th - Bullfinch: 2 pairs feeding on wild plum tree Garden at Plaistow
6th - Roe deer skull, found amongst leaf litter   Click for photo Britty Wood, Hampton Estate near Seale
6th - 2 grey wagtail Upper Lodge
6th - 5 goosander in flight Flying N towards Black Down
6th - Sparrowhawk taking down wood pigeon, Then plucked it and ripped it apart. Polecat Valley
7th - Cow parsley ( rather early ? )    Click for photo In front of Squires Garden Centre,  Milford
8th - Pair of peregrine falcons in flight Witley Common
9th - Song thrush   Click for photo Scotlands Close garden
9th -  Some of the early frogspawn pond has now hatched Lion Lane garden
9th - Pipistrelle bat feeding this afternoon Over the pond on Chapel Common
10th – Plume moth Amblyptilia acanthadactyla at rest on back door   Click for photo Petworth Road
11th - Two new fresh lots of frogspawn have just appeared in pond Lion Lane garden
12th – Skull of female roe deer found beside track   Click for photo Furnace Place Estate
13th - Pair of song thrush sunbathing on lawn with wings spread Furnace Place
13th - Several queen bumblebees (white or buff-tailed) accessing porch via doorway gap to nectar at flowering Hyacynths Lion Lane
13th - Two Egyptian goose - one bird clearly sitting on eggs/brooding young chicks Milland pond
13th - Three tufted duck Cooke's Pond
13th - Two red kite, 4+ woodlark, 3+ fieldfare, 10+ yellowhammer Trotton Marsh 
13th - Male peregrine East of Trotton Marsh
14th - Male woodlark singing Black Down
14th -  Noctule bat flying above tree-top height at 4.30pm Hammer Vale
15th -  Chiffchaff singing. Also woodcock. Bramshott Common
15th -  5 newts all laying on top of the weed in darkness Lion Lane garden pond
15th – Woodpecker drumming Furnace Place
16th - Primroses and wood anemones out and 2 brimstone butterflies seen Fir Tree Copse
16th - 17 Natterer's bats found in a single batbox Fir Tree Copse
16th - 2 red kite E & W of Fernhurst
16th - 2 stock dove Weycombe Road garden
16th - 3 chiffchaff, 1-2 crossbill Verdley Wood
16th - Chiffchaff Upper Lodge
16th - 1-2 brimstone butterfly Verdley Wood
16th - Butterflies - 3 brimstone and a peacock Upper Lodge
17th - Muntjac Black Down
17th - Red kite Over Haslemere near Waitrose
17th - Red kite, sparrowhawk, female goshawk, 23 buzzard, 2nd year male peregrine, 2 male and a female stonechat, male Dartford warbler, 2-3 raven, 2 crossbill Black Down
19th – Roebuck in velvet and beginning to moult dozing on grass Petworth Road garden
20th - 2 adders basking, one with a seven-spot ladybird moving across it   Click for photo Thursley Common
21st – Brimstone butterfly on the wing Petworth Road garden
21st - Grey heron perched on railings    Click for photo Cutmill Pond
21st - Comma butterfly Devil's Punch Bowl
22nd - Nuthatch in the green house; escaped soon after   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
22nd - Stoat ran right up the middle of the lawn then headed for the shed where I think the rabbits are. Killinghurst Lane garden
22nd - Pipistrelle bat foraging amongst trees in bright sunshine Witley
23rd - Roebuck in velvet, again resting in garden sunshine    Click for photo Petworth Road garden
23rd - Red admiral butterfly Hindhead garden
23rd - Lesser celandine, wood anemone, first bluebell this year, and early dog violet    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
23rd - Brimstone butterfly on the wing Furnace Place
25th - Long tailed-tit came to visit my greenhouse.  It was catching all the little flies on the glass    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
25th - Great crested newt (female) by torchlight   Pond in Plaistow garden
26th – Tubic moth Endrosis sarcitrella   Click for photo Petworth Road
28th - Lesser celandine, wood anemone, lady's smock, forget me not, violets Chiddingfold garden
28th - Peacock butterfly, holly blue and two male brimstone butterflies; wild and honey bees, bumblebees on primroses Chiddingfold garden
29th - Pair of grey wagtail feasting on insects on sunny sloping roof Killinghurst Lane



2nd -  Frog spawn has appeared in my pond this morning. Last year first sighting was Feb 11th Lion Lane garden
3rd - Bees busy in wild plum blossom Garden at Plaistow
7th – Bank vole foraging in garden rockery   Click for photo Petworth Road
10th – Red kite mobbed by two carrion crows  Over Milford Sports Ground
15th – Long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
15th - Natterer’s bat hibernating in NT bat barn  Nutcombe
16th - First frogspawn of the year. (It was 1st March in 2019 and 22nd February in 2018)   Click for photo Hill Road garden pond
17th - Firecrest seen on Cornus stems Pathfields Close
18th - Bats in hibernation: 4 Natterer's, 2 Daubenton's, 3 small woodland Myotis and 2 long-eared Midhurst
19th - Green woodpecker calling Furnace Place
21st - Pair of Egyptian geese - arrived in December and seem very much at home Village pond in Milland
22nd - Male brimstone butterfly Chiddingfold garden
23rd - During the sunny spells between showers; a solitary bee on a snowdrop and a queen bumblebee passing through Furnace Place
23rd - Male brimstone butterfly. Also a queen bumble bee, probably Bombus hypnorum  Click for photo Whitmore Vale
25th - Roe buck with two does browsing amongst shrubbery Petworth Road garden
25th - Lesser redpoll Near High Barn Farm
26th - Tufted duck Cooke's Pond (Milland)
26th - Little egret - approx.10 in flight Over Elmer's Marsh
29th - Two pairs of bullfinches on ornamental cherry tree Furnace Place



1st - Goosanders, 3 male Click for photo, 2 female, several mallard, 2 grey herons, one perched high up in some alders Cutmill Pond
3rd - Velvet shank fungi Flammulina veluptipes on oak stump    Click for photo Frensham Common between the Great and Little Pond
3rd - Extremely rare greater horseshoe bat in hibernation   Click for photo Between Midhurst and Petworth
5th – Male and female roe deer resting on lawn Petworth Road garden
8th - Just after 4pm,  two bats on the wing Furnace Place
8th - Mandarin ducks, 10 plus Click for photo, goosanders 12, grey heron, mallards, & 2 kingfishers Cuttmill Pond
8th - 57 Canada geese    Click for photo The Moat, Elstead 
8th - 2 adult lesser black-backed gull, 25+ meadow pipit, 15+ linnet, 2 raven Black Down
9th - A rather handsome, male sparrowhawk causing panic by arriving at bird feeder, Unsuccessful hunt on this occasion. Furnace Place
9th -  Small tortoiseshell butterfly, on the wing Hammer Vale garden
9th -  Crossbill E of Verdley Wood
10th - Grey wagtail Lurgashall Mill Pond
10th - Male woodlark singing, male crossbill E of Verdley Wood
10th - Adult female goshawk S of Fernhurst
10th - 4 red kite, male peregrine falcon SE of Fernhurst
11th - House sparrows, many    Haslemere garden
13th - 8 little egret Elmer's Marsh
13th - Adult female goshawk, 10+ lesser redpoll, crossbills calling, raven SW of Fernhurst
13th - 4 raven W of Black Down
13th - Red kite, 2 raven, 40+ meadow pipit, 2 stonechat Trotton Marsh
13th - Red kite E of Milland
13th - Grey wagtail E side of Milland village
13th/14th - Red kite flying low and calling Killinghurst Lane
14th – Several Natterer’s bats, Daubenton’s Click for photo, long-eared and small woodland bats in hibernation  Midhurst
14thParasola or Coprinopsis sp. fungus found in underground site   Midhurst
20th - Faded, moth-eaten red admiral butterfly on drive.Click for photo Recovered after being given sugar water. Killinghurst Lane
20th – 2 long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
20th - Natterer’s bat hibernating in NT bat barn  Nutcombe
20th – Cave spider Meta sp. male and female Click for photo with cocoon of spiderlings Click for photo in NT bat barn Nutcombe
25th - Grey squirrel feasting on rose hips despite savage thorns. Also bullfinches stripping ornamental cherry buds and 6 long-tailed tits on fat balls. Furnace Place
25th - Wood mouse glimpsed in kitchen Furnace Place



7th - Four crossbill Black Down
9th - Adult female goshawk Black Down
11th – Brown long-eared bat found hanging on outside of garden shed, desperately underweight. Sadly died after a day or two. Hammer Hill
12th - Kingfisher spent 2+ hours on my small garden .pond Fernhurst
13th - Two raven West of Fernhurst
13th -12 fieldfares and a small number of redwings plus about 50 goldfinch, a redpoll and 2 siskin Fernhurst
13th - 20 little egret in wet field Elmer's Marsh, near Fernhurst
13th - Peregrine Vann Road
13th - Adult female goshawk and unaged female West of Fernhurst
13th - Lesser redpoll - flock of about 80 West of Fernhurst
14th - Peregrine - 1st winter male, 1st winter female and adult male. Males involved in protracted dog-fight at height. West of Fernhurst
14th - Adult female goshawk West of Fernhurst
15th -  3rd winter/adult female and 3rd winter/adult male goshawk West of Fernhurst
15th -  3 raven West of Woolbeding
15th -  Four red kite West of Woolbeding
16th – Long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
16th - 2 Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn    Click for photo Nutcombe
18th – Five Natterer’s bats, three long-eared, a Daubenton’s and a small woodland bat found in hibernation Midhurst
18th – Underweight brown long-eared bat taken into care after being found grounded. Released 2nd January. Hambledon
20th - Hedgehog, juvenile Near Haslemere Hospital
21st – Hibernating dormouse found whilst gardening - tucked back into leaf nest to avoid further disturbance Swan Barn Road garden
23rd - Drosophila suzukii, non native fruit fly pest of soft fruit first recorded for UK in 2012 In a Rake kitchen
25th – Raven Petworth Park
29th – Bat on wing at 12:50 pm South end of Highfield Lane, Thursley



2nd – Badger foraging    Click for photo Petworth Road garden
3rd - 2 redkite, goshawk 1st winter male, 8+ buzzard, peregrine 1st winter female, 2 kestrel, herring gull, 2 wood lark, 1+ skylark, pied wagtail, about 50 redwing, about 50 fieldfare, mistle thrush, 2+ blackbird, raven, 5 brambling, 20+ lesser redpoll, siskin, 5+ bullfinch Black Down
3rd - Buzzard, grey wagtail Chase Lane
5th - Smooth snake juvenile under tin Hankley Common
6th - 3 red kite, male goshawk mobbed by 2 carrion crows, 2 sparrowhawk, 9+ buzzard, 1-2 kestrel, 30+ redwing, 20+ fieldfare, 5+ blackbird, mistle thrush, 5 Dartford warbler - including 3 singing males, one of which was song-flighting, 2 raven, 12+ lesser redpoll, common crossbill Black Down
8th - 9-10 little egrets in wet field Elmer's Marsh, near Fernhurst
8th - A single, late ring ouzel Black Down
11th - 4 long tailed tits and 2 godfinches arriving within an hour of feeders being reinstated Furnace Place
12th - Flock of redwings on lawn scared off by diving sparrowhawk carrying a small bird in its claws Grayshott
12th - Adult male peregrine, grey wagtail Black Down
13th - Mute swan 1 adult & 1 first-winter - present from the 11th on the lakes below the west side, A Black Down first - I think! Black Down
13th - 1-2 first winter male goshawk, ring ouzel, pair raven, 5 Dartford warbler, about 25 lesser redpoll, 2 "black-backed gulls" that flew south may have been great black-backed, but can't be sure Black Down
13th - Crossbill Witley Common
13th - Red admiral Witley Common
13th - Small bat sp. flying in daylight Witley Common
13th - Bat flying at dusk Plaistow garden
15th -  Sparrowhawk having killed a robin   Click for photo Ifold garden
16th - Grey wagtail Black Down
16th - Great grey shrike Woolmer Forest
17th - 7 little egret Elmers Marsh
17th - 8 cormorant, coot Cooks Pond
17th - Red kite, 1-2 sparrowhawk Maysleith
17th - 1st winter male goshawk, stonechat, 4+ yellowhammer, singing male mistle thrush. Also heard woodlark, skylark, raven. Trotton Marsh
17th - Grey wagtail heard S of Combe Pond
17th - 13 crossbill Harting Combe
17th - 9 buzzard Between Harting Combe and Maysleith
18th - Dartford warbler and stonechat Black Down
21st - 13 little egrets in wet field Elmer's Marsh
24th - Woodcock feeding by the side of the road Killinghurst Lane
27th -  Nuthatch on feeder   Click for photo Church Road, Milford
28th - Red kite, 10 buzzard,  1st winter male peregrine having a go at ravens and sparrowhawk, 2 kestrel, skylark and wood lark heard overhead (both late records), 200 redwing, fieldfare, 3 stonechat, 2 dartford warbler, 2 raven, 3+ starling, 2+ lesser redpoll. Also a yellowhammer - a major rarity here. Black Down
29th -  Female goshawk, male peregrine, kingfsiher on lake below Black Down
30th - About 17 greylag goose, female goshawk, 2 kestrel, lesser black-backed gull, 70+ redwing, fieldfare, mistle thrush, 2 raven, 15+ lesser redpoll, siskin heard Black Down



1st – Brown long-eared bats found in partly drained water tank. One sadly drowned, the other taken into care. Released 15.10.19. Marley Combe Road
2nd – 2 ring ouzels passing through   Black Down
3rd - Kestrel, coot, black-headed gull, green woodpecker, wood lark, 80+ meadow pipit, pied wagtail heard, 150 house martin, swallow, 5+ stonechat, song thrush, 20 redwing, 3 blackbird, ring ouzel 1 female/1st winter male and possibly up to 5 others seen distantly/briefly,3 Dartford warbler, 3+ chiffchaff, pair raven, 13 linnet, siskin heard, 2 lesser redpoll, 7+ bullfinch Black Down
4th - Little grebe, sparrowhawk, 5 buzzard, coot, 5 moorhen, meadow pipit, 4+ stonechat, 5 redwing, mistle thrush, ring ouzel 1st winter male/female, 2 Dartford warbler, chiffchaff heard, raven, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
5th - Many orb spider webs in garden    Click for photo Pathfields Close
6th – Cluster of collared earthstars Geastrum triplex      Click for photo Woodland near Lodsworth
8th - 16+ ring ouzel including a flock of 12, 79 redwing, 8 song thrush, 2 woodlark, 6 pied wagtail, 16 meadow pipit, firecrest, 20+ goldcrest, chiffchaff, 3 stonechat, 2 Dartford warbler, sparrowhawk, kestrel, buzzard, brambling Black Down
9th - Four, possibly five, dormice found in boxes funded by HNHS Imbhams Farm
9th -  20 house martin flying south Over Fernhurst
9th - Two species of fungi found on damp rotting pine cones Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
9th - Field digger wasp Mellinus arvensis settled on my trousers close to its burrow in sand under pine roots Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
10th - Painted lady butterfly    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
10th - Very poorly brown long-eared bat found grounded, but died almost immediately Rushmoor
13th - Several species of fungi found on lawn - Mycenae Click for photo, waxcaps Click for photo , valerians Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
15th - 5 cormorant, red kite, 1st winter female goshawk, 8 buzzard, kestrel, herring gull, 10+ meadow pipit, 7 skylark, 2 woodlark, 4 house martin, 8+ stonechat, 3+ song thrush, 70+ redwing, mistle thrush, 7+ blackbird, 8-10 ring ouzel, 3+ dartford warbler, 2+ chiffchaff, hundreds of chaffinch to SW, 12+ bullfinch, siskin heard on wing Black Down
16th - 70+ redwing, 1-2 fieldfare, flock of 11+ ring ouzel, lesser redpoll calling overhead, stonechats, Dartford warblers, ravens, kestrels as usual Black Down
17th - 14+ ring ouzel, 400 redwing, 2+ song thrushes, at least one female brambling Black Down
18th – Turkeytail Click for photo and coral fungi Click for photo  Furnace Place
18th - At least 7 ring ouzel, 100+ redwing, mistle thrush, wood lark, 9 lesser redpoll Black Down
20th - 4 ring ouzel, 65 redwing, 2 brambling, lesser redpoll Devil's Punchbowl 
20th - About 6 ring ouzel, about 20 lesser redpoll, 1st-winter female goshawk Black Down
21st - Western conifer seed bug Leptoglossus occidentalis brought in on dog's coat    Click for photo  Killinghurst Lane
22nd - Short-eared owl mobbed by two carrion crows, 5 red kite, 15+ buzzard, 2+ sparrowhawk, 2 goshawk, one of them displaying, skylark, wood lark, 33+ house martin, 160+ redwing, 7+ song thrush, mistle thrush, 6 ring ouzel, 5 brambling, 6+ lesser redpoll, woodcock Black Down
24th - Unidentified fungus on a rotted piece of bark on a standing but rotted tree. It had a very large number of tiny black spores, like coal dust    Click for photo Jobsons Lane,  Lurgashall
27th – Southern hawker dragonfly catching and devouring insects before landing    Click for photo  Field near Killinghurst Lane
27th – Cowslip in flower    Click for photo  Field near Killinghurst Lane
28th - Goshawk 1st winter female, sparrowhawk, 6+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 17 lesser black-backed gull, 2 herring gull, 2 grey wagtail, 1-2 skylark, 5+ blackbird, 3-4 mistle thrush, 4+ redwing, 300+ fieldfare, ring ouzel, 6+ starling, 2+ siskin, 9+ lesser redpoll Black Down
30th - Hen harrier, goshawk Black Down
30th - 2 sparrowhawk, 15+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 6 common gull, herring gull, skylark heard, 35+ redwing, 80+ fieldfare, 3+ blackbird, 3+ mistle thrush, ring ouzel, 2 brambling, 4+ lesser redpoll Black Down
31st - 30+ meadow pipit, song thrush, 100+ fieldfare, 15+ redwing, 3+ brambling, 3+ lesser redpoll Black Down



1st - 2 wheatear Click for photo, 2 redstart Click for photo, 2 tree pipit, 12+ spotted flycatcher Click for photo, 15+ chiffchaff, 8+ willow warbler, 2 whitethroat, 1 blackcap, 1 grey wagtail, 4 stonechat and 2 Dartford warblers, a few linnet and a kestrel. Black Down
1st – Female Reeve’s muntjac with juvenile in close attendance  Petworth Road garden
7th - Clifden nonpareil moth Catocala fraxini in moth trap   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
8th - Common green grasshopper (Omocestus viridulis) found in house lobby. Also speckled wood butterfly warming itself in sunshine.   Click for photo Chiddingfold
10th - An abundance of elephant hawk moth caterpillars.Also a small brimstone moth caterpillar. Lion Lane gardens
12th - First-winter female peregrine messing about with a raven for at least 15 minutes. Also male hobby, cormorant, grey heron, little grebe, 2 mandarin, 1-2 sparrowhawk, 12+ buzzard, kestrel, 4 herring gull, 5-6 woodlark, about 15 meadow pipit, 55+ house martin, 15+ swallow, about 70 hirundine spp.,7+ stonechat, 2 immature wheatear, 3 Dartford warbler, 30+ chiffchaff, 2 raven, 10+ spotted flycatcher, about 10 linnet, 40+ siskin, 3+ bullfinch Black Down
14th - Wheatear  Click for photo Weycombe Road garden
14th - A minimum of 1060 hirundines flying south. Approximately 80% house martins, 20% swallows. Black Down
15th - About 1000 house martins passing, but very few swallows. Also 2 cormorant, red kite, 4-5 sparrowhawk, about 20 buzzard, 1+ kstrel, coot, 9 moorhen, 1+ green woodpecker, 5-7 woodlark, 2+ meadow pipit, pied wagtail heard, 7+ stonechat, redstart, 3+ Dartford warbler, about 20 chiffchaff, 2 raven, 4+ spotted flycatcher Black Down
18th - Little grebe, 2 cormorant, grey heron, red kite, 2 juvenile/1st winter male goshawk, one chasing a jackdaw...which got away, 12+ buzzard, male kestrel, 5 moorhen, 2+ green woodpecker, wood lark, bout 10 meadow pipit, 80+ house martin, 3+ swallow, 15+ hirundine spp., 12+ stonechat, immature wheatear, immature redstart, blackbird, 23 mistle thrush, Dartford warbler, blackcap heard, 20+ chiffchaff, 2 raven, 2-3 spotted flycatcher, 5+ linnet, siskin heard, 6+ bullfinch Black Down
19th – Badger repeatedly chasing two rabbits, without success. Perhaps very hungry after long dry spell. Petworth Road garden
19th - Old lady moth, sighted in broad daylight on a sunny gable wall.   Click for photo     Chiddingfold garden
19th - Red kite mobbed by a goshawk, 2 male goshawk (one juvenile/1st winter mobbing the kite, the other an adult or near adult), 6 sparrowhawk, 13+ buzzard, kestrel, coot, 3 moorhen, herring gull, 3-4 woodlark, at least three birds singing, 15+ meadow pipit, 90+ house martin, 25+ swallow, 6+ stonechat, 4+ mistle thrush, blackbird heard, 2 Dartford warbler, about 30 chiffchaff, 2 raven, 6+ spotted flycatcher, siskin heard, 8+ linnet Black Down
20th - Red kite, male wood lark, 10+ meadow pipit, 2+ house martin, 8+ stonechat, Darford warbler, 8+ chiffchaff, 6+ spotted flycatcher, 3+ linnet, 6+ bullfinch Black Down
21st/22nd - Goshawk Headley
20th - Reeves' muntjac  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
24th - Toad hurrying over threshold as door was opened Furnace Place
27th/28th - Many common and soprano pipistrelles and a few Daubenton's bats seen on bat walks Imbhams Farm
30th - 3 cormorant, grey heron, sparrowhawk, 10 buzzard, male kestrel, 7 golden plover (rare sight here), 3 moorhen, coot, 2+ green woodpecker, wood lark, 160+ meadow pipit, 20+ swallow, 4+ stonechat, blackbird, fieldfare, 2 Dartford warbler, 4+ chiffchaff, 5+ marsh tit, 10 linnet, 7+ bullfinch Black Down
30th – Brown long-eared bat found grounded and very weak. Died of starvation a few minutes after rescue. Haslemere Railway Station
Late in month - Toad found in  a corner and rescued West Street Post Office



Early in month - Kingfisher seen and heard Pond at Imbhams Farm
Early in month - Large mink found beneath shed, which explains crayfish claws found in garden and loss of fish from pond Petworth Road garden
2nd - Red kite over garden Hill Road
2nd - Large moth trapped in house - probably a large yellow underwing Hill Road
3rd - Peacock butterflies seen in the garden Hill Road
4th - Very large spider of Tegenaria species found in our house.   Click for photo Hindhead
6th - Black and yellow longhorn beetle Strangalia maculata  Click for photo Hindhead garden
7th - Barn owlet flapping and wing stretching on floor beneath nest box Imbhams Farm
7th - Rare bats found during survey - a Brandt's and 2 female barbastelles, as well as several other more common species including Alcathoe and whiskered bats. Barbastelles fitted with radio tags to track their movements. Durfold Wood
9th - Rather worn old lady moth Mormo maura trapped in house Click for photo Hill Road
10th - Two stoats Furnace Place estate
10th/11th - Moths attracted by greenhouse light - 4 lesser swallow prominent Click for photo, 5 black arches Click for photo, 3 brown-tailed tussock Click for photo, 4 buff footman Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
11th - 4-5 ravens playing around in the wind Black Down
12th - 7 buzzard, sparrowhawk chasing hirundines at height, 2 woodlark, tree pipit, 5+ hirundine spp., 2+ stonechat, female immature redstart, 2+ whitethroat, immature Dartford warbler, singing willow warbler, 10+ chiffchaff, 3 spotted flycatcher, 15 siskin Black Down
12th - Firecrest Chase Lane above "car park"
15th - Pied flycatcher: my 8th site record, but the 1st since 1998. Also other migrants: 2 spotted flycatcher, 5 willow warbler, 3 garden warbler Witley Common
17th -   Red kite, juvenile male goshawk mobbing a raven, 3 sparrowhawk, 12 buzzard, 3 kestrel, hobby, about 30 black-tailed godwit flying high (presumably a first for the site), 6 swift, about 30 swallow, whitethroat, Dartford warbler, 5+ chiffchaff, willow warbler, 6 raven Black Down
19th - Migrant birds heading SW: adult female honey buzzard, 9 lesser black-backed gull, 2 swift, 40+ swallow, 1-2 tree pipit, 2+ whitethroat, 20+ chiffchaff, female immature redstart and adult male. Also 13+ buzzard, 3 kestrel, 11+ stonechat, male Dartford warbler, 2+ marsh tit, 2 raven, 2+ bullfinch. Black Down
21st -  Possibly 15+ each of tree pipit and spotted flycatcher, 3 redstart, 5 whitethroat, 2 blackcap, 15+ willow warbler, 25+ chiffchaff, 20+ swallow, woodlark, 10+ stonechat, 4 Dartford warbler, 6 siskin, 10+ linnet, 16+ buzzard including a party of 9, 4 redkite, kestrel, 1-2 hobby, 4 cormorant. Also coot, 2 moorhen and little grebe on fishing lakes below. Black Down
23rd – Warm, sunny day bringing out many Lepidoptera, though most now rather worn. Red admiral, small white, speckled wood, meadow brown, painted lady, small tortoiseshell and a single hummingbird hawk moth Petworth Road garden
24th - About 20 buzzard, kestrel, 1+ swift, 2 tree pipit, 30+ hirundine spp., 10+ swallow, 45+ house martin, 2 sand martin, 7+ stonechat, edstart, immatur wheatear, 3+ Dartford warbler, 14+ chiffchaff, 2 raven, 2 spotted flycatcher, about 20 linnet. Blackcap and willow warbler heard. Also 3 moorhen and a little grebe on lakes below. Black Down
24th - Yellow stainer mushrooms. Many in lawn and flowerbed  Click for photo Garden in Church Road, Milford
24th - Whinchat (7th site record, but 1st since 1997), redstart, 3+ spotted flycatcher, 3 willow warbler Witley Common
26th – Frail looking Pholcus phalangoides devouring large Tegenaria sp. house spider    Click for photo House in Petworth Road
26th – Pied flycatcher Click for photo, lesser spotted woodpecker Click for photo, whinchat, lesser whitethroat Click for photo, 16+ spotted flycatchers Click for photo, 8 tree pipits, 3 redstart, garden warbler, 20+ willow warbler, about 15 chiffchaff, 5 common whitethroat, 2 blackcap, hobby, raven, 4 swallow. Also usual stonechats and Dartford warblers. Black Down

27th - Lesser spotted woodpecker (the only record so far this year), 5+ spotted flycatcher (incl. an adult feeding a juv.), 3 willow warbler

Witley Common
27th - Pale honey-buzzard, 15+ buzzard, female/juvenile lesser spotted woodpecker, redstart, juvenile wheatear, juvenile whinchat, about 30 house martin,2 whitethroat, about 15 chiffchaff, 2 willow warbler, 20+ spotted flycatcher, a pied flycatcher with them, pair raven Black Down
27th – Common and soprano pipistrelle bats, barbastelle, Daubenton’s, noctule, Natterer’s and serotine detected on NT bat walk Woolbeding/Stedham area
28th – A single soprano pipistrelle found during bat box checks. Traces of others and long-eared bats in a few other boxes, whilst 2 boxes contained wood mouse groups. NT Winkworth Arboretum
28th - Cormorant, sparrowhawk, 16+ buzzard, 3 kestrel, juvenile female peregrine, swift, 4 tree pipit, whinchat, 4 redstart, 21+ swallow, 20+ house martin, 2 whitethroat, 3 blackcap, up to 40 chiffchaff, 6+ willow warbler, 2 raven, wheatear, 25+ spotted flycatcher, pied flycatcher, 2 stonechat, 2 greenfinch, 3 Dartford warblers, a few siskin Black Down
30th - Raven over garden Furnace Place
30th – Common and soprano pipistrelle bats, noctule, brown long-eared and Daubenton’s seen on HNHS bat walk  NT Frensham Little Pond
31st – 51 soprano pipistrelles found roosting in bat boxes. Up to 8 in each box.  Also many bee nests. Many bird boxes cleaned of nesting material. NT Frensham Little Pond

JULY 2019


Throughout month - Regular sightings of red kite Furnace Place
2nd - Pyramidal orchids    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
5th - Kestrel perched on pole    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
5th - Soldier beetles mating on wild carrot flower head Click for photo, vipers bugloss Click for photo and lady’s bedstraw Click for photo. Small wild flower meadow on  Puttenham Common
6th – Beautiful demoiselle (female) Calopteryx virgo  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
6th - Grass snake climbing from flower bed into Wasteria but soon abandoning ascent Furnace Place garden
7th – Sparrowhawk perched above bird feeder    Petworth Road garden
7th - At least 15 marbled white butterflies Field between Muddy Lane, Grayswood, and Imbham’s Farm
9th – Silver-washed fritillary   Click for photo Furnace Place garden
10th - An entirely pink grasshopper, possibly a female meadow grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus   Click for photo Bramshott Chase
11th - Bush cricket nymph    Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
12th – Bee-wolf Philanthus triangulum Click for photo and sand wasp Ammophila sabulosa hunting prey Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
13th - Ringlet butterfly settled on my hand today    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
13th – Comma butterfly basking on a pole, occasionally chasing off other butterflies     Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
16th - Hummingbird hawk moth nectaring on garden flowers   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
16th – Roe deer sneaking up on dozing fox and chasing it off   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
17th – Juvenile slow worm    Swan Barn Road garden
17th – Drone fly larva out of water, perhaps on its way to pupate   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
17th – Gatekeeper butterflies  Click for photo Hill Road garden
17th – Aberrant variant of gatekeeper butterfly with additional forewing spots  Click for photo   Petworth Road garden
18th – Least carpet moth  Click for photo Milford
19th - Dead white plume moth on carpet  Click for photo  Pathfields Close
20th – Swallow-tailed moth found in bathroom   Click for photo  Hill Road
20th - Two young, rather wet and miserable looking buzzards basking on driveway with wings outstretched to dry off Furnace Place garden
20th - Holly blue butterfly  Click for photo  Chiddingfold garden
21st -  Wood pigeon nesting in tree close to window  Click for photo  Church Road . Milford
22nd - Pair of bullfinches feeding on lawn for about 15 minutes Furnace Place garden
22nd - Silver-washed fritillary, gatekeeper, cabbage white, meadow brown and common blue butterflies Hill Road garden 
23rd - Golden-ringed dragonfly - only my 2nd record at this site. Also about 50 bee wolf Philanthus triangulum visiting burrows Click for photo and butterfly numbers increasing. Witley Common
25th - Roesel's bush cricket, the rare long-winged form (f. diluta) that only occurs in hot summers where there are strong populations Click for photo Bramshott Common
25th - Bloody cranesbill Geranium sanguineum, growing a long way from its natural range, presumably relict from old army camp gardens Click for photo. Also dodder Cuscuta epithymum, parasitic on heather. Click for photo Bramshott Common
25th – Two green sandpipers    Thursley Common
26th - White tailed bumblebee on Agapanthus. Click for photo Also a white admiral butterfly. Killinghurst Lane garden
28th – Six spot burnet moth on marjoram  Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
28th – Western barbastelle bat, common and soprano pipistrelle, brown long-eared, at least two species of Myotis bats, and a single serotine detected during acoustic survey    Frillinghurst Wood
29th - Female gatekeeper  butterfly with several others on flowering marjoram  Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
29th - Glow worms, 3 adult females emitting pale green light Plaistow garden
30th – Badger foraging on lawn    Click for photo Petworth Road garden
31st - Firecrest  1 adult with 2 juveniles. My first confirmed record of successful breeding at this site. Witley Common

JUNE 2019


Early in month - Common spotted orchids in abundance Almshouse Common meadow
1st - 4 grizzled skipper butterflies Oaken Wood
1st - Nightjar on nest with 2 eggs Thursley Common
1st/2nd - Common and soprano pipistrelles, brown long-eared, barbastelle, serotine, noctule and Daubenton's bats detected in overnight survey Petworth Road garden
2nd - Female broad-bodied chaser Libellula depressa around garden pond Courts Hill Road
3rd - Two ravens Black Down
4th - Male redstart Black Down
5th - Common spotted orchids   Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
5th – Azure damselfly Coenagrion puella Pond in Chase Fields
5th - Fox trotted across garden, around 3.30pm, with a cub in her mouth. Perhaps relocating? Courts Hill Road
6th - Queen tree bumble bee Bombus hypnorum foraging on alkanet Courts Hill Road garden
6th - Newly fledged crow family. Parents and 3 extremely noisy young demanding to be fed all day, Furnace Place
6th - 3 or 4 golden ringed dragonfly swooping  around this week Furnace Place
7th – Pygmy shrew Sorex minutus foraging amongst tools, nuts and bolts on garage bench, quite oblivious to repair work being undertaken only 18" away Petworth Road
8th – Adult slowworm found dead   Click for photo Field between Petworth Road and Swan Barn Farm
9th – Many bumble bees nectaring on Nectaroscordum siculum flowers, including Bombus hypnorum  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden  
9th – Group of common spotted orchids  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden  
12th - Bee orchid Grounds of Holy Cross Hospital, Shottermill
14th - Grey wagtail parent feeding fledged young Killinghurst Lane garden
14th - 10+ buzzard, 2 raven, male hobby Black Down
14th - Female Dartford warbler performing a distraction display, running along the ground like a mouse and fluttering bowed wings. Male and one or more (presumably) fledged young heard at same time, hence the display. Black Down
15th – Hoverfly Volucella inflata taking refuge in greenhouse   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
17th – Common terns seen fishing and present on both tern rafts  Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
17th – Mottled bee-fly Thyridanthrax fenestratus Click for photo, black-tailed skimmer Orthretrum cancellatum Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
18th – Bank vole clambering around on Cotoneaster - the first we've seen for a year or so after cat predation Petworth Road garden
21st – Clump of Silene gallica quinquevulnera in flower  Click for photo Haslemere garden
21st – Common blue and meadow brown butterflies    Swan Barn Farm
21st - Green hairstreak butterfly on pyramidal orchid  Click for photo Noar Hill
21st - Broomrape  Click for photo Noar Hill
21st -  Black headed cardinal beetle Pyrochroa coccinea on the raspberries, a mint moth Pyrausta aurata Click for photo, a mating pair of harlequin ladybirds Click for photo, a male flower beetle, a small magpie moth Anania hortulata, small red damselflies around the pond and numerous various bumblebees Haslemere garden
21st -  Numerous smooth newts, tadpoles (both frog and toad) Haslemere garden pond
22nd - Red kite swooping low over fields which had just been cut Killinghurst Lane
22nd - Several common spotted orchids  Click for photo Verge near Furnace Place
22nd - Amazing number of bats skimming freshly mown field for insects after dark Field off Killinghurst Lane
24th - Large influx of painted lady butterflies, perhaps using Black Down as a navigational aid Black Down
24th – Woodcock: 9 sightings during BTO Survey. Also two species of bat on the wing. Wood near Chiddingfold
25th - Grass snake, female sloughed skin  1 metre long Garden at Plaistow
25th - Painted lady butterflies Killinghurst Lane garden
25th -  Wood mouse under felt sheet. Also bat calling at 45kHz. Garden at Plaistow
25th - Golden oriole heard calling Woodland near Reeth
25th -  4 swifts Over Village Hall Fernhurst
25th - About 9 churring male nightjars and a few roding woodcocks Black Down
26th - Red admiral butterfly resting in greenhouse  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
27th - Red admiral butterfly Chiddingfold garden
28th - Very large swallow-tail moth In Chiddingfold house
29th - At least two marbled white butterflies, one landing on observer's hand  Click for photo. Also many meadow browns, ringlets skippers and small moths. Killinghurst Lane garden
29th - Orange underwing moth grounded  Click for photo Opposite the Museum 
29th - Several passes by rare western barbastelle bat Barbastella barbastellus. Also common and soprano pipistrelles, brown long-eared and noctule bats detected. Swan Barn Farm
30th - Glow worm Killinghurst Lane garden

MAY 2019


1st - Male goldfinch. First one for more years than I care to remember. Also a third robins' nest this year. Lion Lane
1st - Cuckoo calling Jobsons Lane
1st – Large,pale raptor gliding – possibly an osprey  Over Cutmill Pond
2nd - Nightingale  Swan Barn Farm
3rd - Early purple orchid Click for photo and emerging twayblade Click for photo in woodland Ebernoe
4th - Knopper gall, newly formed on oak twig by wasp    Click for photo Upper Barn Hanger , Hillgrove
5th – Nightingale   Black Down
6th - Female whinchat Weavers Down, Liss Forest
6th - Young adder Between Longmoor Inclosure and Warren Hill
7th – Badger foraging late at night   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
9th - Hobby Black Down
9th - Wood white butterfly - first of spring brood Wood in Chiddingfold Forest
10th - 2 cuckoos, some crossbills, 2 woodlarks on a path. Nightingale still singing Black Down
10th - Up to 3 red kite, 3-4 sparrowhawk, 23+ buzzard, male kestrel, 2+ swift, 15+ house martin, 3 singing male tree pipits, 2 male stonechat + possible fledglings, male redstart heard, 3 garden warbler, 6+ whitethroat, 2 male dartford warbler, 15+ crossbill Black Down
10th - Cuckoo Over Weycombe Road garden
10th - “ Giant” house spider, found amongst bubble wrap in greenhouse   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford
10th - Swifts, at least 6 Critchmere
11th - Male & female cuckoo seen together, curlew, pair of stonechat with fledged young Click for photo Witley Common
11th - Blackthorn mining bee Andrena varians  (nationally scarce) Witley Common
11th - Pignut Conopodium majus Click for photo and yellow archangel Lamium galebdolon  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane woods
11th - Green shield bug Palomena prasina  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane greenhouse
12th - 4 wood white butterflies Wood near Plaistow
13th - Young grass snake basking in sunshine Furnace Place
13th – Female beautiful demoiselle Calopteryx virgo  Click for photo Loxwood canal
13th – Hundreds of tadpoles basking in sunshine  Click for photo Loxwood canal
13th – 3 swifts Fernhurst
13th – Tern dive bombing a cormorant on the tern raft without success Frensham Little Pond
13th – Warm weather bringing out bats. Common and soprano pipistrelles, serotine, noctule and unidentified Myotis species in flight. Petworth Road garden
14th - Pheasant's nest with 5 eggs beneath living room window (later abandoned) Furnace Place
15th – Holly blue butterfly    Click for photo Alice Holt Forest
15th - 2 small copper butterflies    Killinghurst Lane garden
15th - Cormorant, up to 5 red kite, 21+ buzzard, male kestrel, lesser black-backed gull, woodcock heard, tawny owl seen and heard, some nightjar churring and seen briefly, male cuckoo, 20+ swift, 2 woodlark, 3 singing male tree pipits, stonechat males and 2 fledged young, nightingale singing, singing male Dartford warbler, 2 singing male firecrest, 1+ raven, 10+ crossbill and 3 fledged young. Black Down
16th - Blue tit nesting in stove pipe from old greenhouse boiler Click for photo and juvenile song thrushes feeding on fat balls at window Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
16th - Dock bugs Coreus marginatus on dock leaves Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
19th - Puss moth  Click for photo Hammer Vale
20th - Osprey flying over, red kite, 30 buzzard, female hobby, 3 tree pipit, 2 woodlark singing on the ground, male cuckoo, 2+ crossbill, Dartford warbler, 2 stonechat, green woodpecker, male garden warbler, firecrest Black Down
20th - 2 firecrest Bunch Lane
20th - Firecrest Weycombe Road Wood
20th/21st – Rare barbastelle bat in flight Petworth Road garden
21st - Birdsnest orchid   Click for photo  (subsequenty eaten, perhaps by a deer) Witley Common
21st - Nestling blue tits in nest box   Click for photo Witley Common
21st - Large red damselflies mating   Click for photo Loxwood canal
22nd - A flurry and chattering of long tailed tits flitting between the trees Chiddingfold garden
22nd - Starlings in a flock in trees making alarm calls with red kite overhead  Wood near Plaistow
22nd - Cuckoo in fine song early morning Black Down
23rd – About a dozen Alcathoe bats Myotis alcathoe emerging from roof at dusk. Also over 40 common pipistrelles emerging from beneath other roof tiles.   Furnace Place
24th - Pair of grey wagtails Furnace Place
25th – Broad-bordered bee hawkmoth  & aspen beetle Oaken Wood, near Plaistow
25th – Common and soprano pipistrelles, Daubenton’s and noctule bats on the wing  Alice Holt Forest
27th White blackbird with just a little black    Churt Recreation ground
28th – Yellow-necked mouse nibbling buds off Cotoneaster Petworth Road garden
28th – Large jumping spider Marpissa muscosa found inside house   Click for photo Petworth Road
31st - Numerous hairy shield bugs Dolycoris baccarum and several Corizus hyoscyami on redcurrant bushes Courts Hill Road garden
31st - Evidence of a visiting hedgehog (for the first time in 20 years!) Courts Hill Road garden
31st - Juvenile being fed by parent great spotted woodpecker Hill Road garden

APRIL 2019


Throughout month - Field of primroses Bramshott
1st - 2 orange tip butterflies   Furnace Place
1st - Large number of sand martins (c.30) Frensham Little Pond
1st - Common plume moth Emmelina monodactyla inside kitchen window frame  Chiddingfold
4th - Early purple orchid almost in flower   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
4th - Siskin on bird feeder  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
5th - Mallard with many young (12 or 13 seen)  Click for photo Pond by Hankley Common Golf Course
5th - Egyptian geese and goslings  Click for photo River Wey, Tilford
5th - Lady's smock in flower   Click for photo Banks of River Wey, Tilford
6th - 20+ crossbill, singing blackcap, raven Black Down
6th - 5 brambling, 4 lesser redpoll, female reed bunting, 2 sparrowhawk Witley Common
7th - Singing male Dartford warbler, stonechats, woodlarks, mixed flock of chaffinch, siskin and crossbill with at least 10 brambling. Also 2 swallow, 2 lesser black-backed gull and a herring gull Black Down
8th - Five bramblings Fernhurst garden
8th - 14+ bramblings. Often 5 are seen here, as well as bullfinches, siskins, goldfinches, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers, tits. Occasionally wren, goldcrest, and tree creeper. Braeside Close garden
10th -  2 singing male willow warblers, singing male redstart, male reed bunting, lesser redpoll Witley Common
11th -  Swallow Inval
14th - 6 skylarks in a small flock Imbhams Farm fields
14th - Chiffchaff calling Frillinghurst woods
15th – Cuckoo calling    Black Down
15th - Snipe, peacock butterfly and pair of field voles under a piece of corregated tin Killinghurst Lane garden
15th - Orange tip butterfly West of Fernhurst
15th - Garden warbler Elmer's Marsh
16th – Wood mouse on bird feeder   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
18th - Two holly blue butterflies Furnace Place garden
18th - Cuckoo seen and heard Devil's Punchbowl
18th – Barkfly Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
18th - Cormorant, red kite, 21+ buzzard, 3 kestrel, male cuckoo, male woodlark and some others, 2 male tree pipit, 23 swallow, 5 house martin, 2 male and a pair stonechat, 5 male Dartford warblers, male whitethroat, 2 male blackcap, 4+ chiffchaff, 5+ willow warbler, 5+ linnet, 6+ crossbill Black Down
18th - Kestrel and cuckoo Valewood
18th - Blackcap Near lake at Imbhams Farm
18th - Singing male nightingale Witley Common
19th Nightingale singing from this date onwards Navant Hill Farm, Lurgashall
19th - Feather-footed flower bee Anthophora plumipes seen on lungwort Fernhurst garden
19th - Song thrush feeding    Click for photo Tilford Cricket Green
19th - Singing male garden warbler, singing male tree pipit Witley Common
19th - Nightingale Oaken Wood
20th - Skylarks singing Navant Hill Farm, Lurgashall
20th - Linnets in field Hillgrove Lane Lurgashall
20th - Speckled wood butterfly Click for photo, one of many flying along shady road with banks covered with wild garlic  Click for photo Hawkley
21st – Bee-fly Bombylius major   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
21st – Cuckoo calling Blind Lane, Lurgashall
22nd - A pair of terns on each of the rafts funded by HNHS Frensham Little Pond
22nd - 3 singing male whitethroats Witley Common
23rd - Frog, disturbed after resting amongst potted plants in a crate  Click for photo Church Rd. Milford

23rd - Ground nesting bee nests, dog's mercury, brimstone, speckled wood and holly blue butterflies, common dog violets, borage, newly growing wild in a patch of ground partially cleared of creeping buttercup. At least 20 mounds made by miner bees Click for photo in a dry sheltered border, where dog's mercury grows perennially by the house wall.

Chiddingfold garden
24th - Common dog violets  Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
24th - A second robins' nest built this spring in garden shed after first birds flown Lion Lane
24th - Cuckoo heard Inval
24th to 27th - Nightingale singing in birch and gorse scrub. Only the first or second for this site in the past 15 years at least. Black Down
25th - Nightingales heard Chiddingfold
26th - Raven chased by a crow, at least 2 pairs stonechats, cuckoo, kestrel Black Down
26th - Male cuckoo, 7 singing male garden warblers and a single female Witley Common
26th - Mallard and 7 ducklings pottering about in garden for about an hour  Click for photo Pathfields Close
26th - Male blackcap cared for and released after stunning itself against window Pathfields Close
30th - Turtle dove heard "purring"    Wood near Plaistow
30th - Lesser bloody-nosed beetle Timarcha goettingensis  Click for photo Black Down
30th - Possible hobby (poor view), 2 lapwing, 1+ curlew, 1 cuckoo, 4+ woodlark, 3 skylark, 2 tree pipit, 25+ common whitethroat, 2 garden warbler, 25+ blackcap, 2 Dartford warbler, 20 willow warbler, 5 chiffchaff, 10 stonechat, 20+ male redstarts, 6 crossbill Thursley

MARCH 2019


Early in month - Up to five singing male woodlarks Black Down
1st – Three pairs of teal   Imbhams Farm pond
1st – 6 goldfinches on niger seeds and a single red kite over nearby fields Furnace Place
2nd - Singing male chiffchaff (earliest site record), 20 siskin Witley Common
4th - Muntjac deer Killinghurst Lane woodland
4th - Little egret Elmer's Marsh
4th - Satellite moth Eupsillia transversa in a sheltered doorway  Click for photo    Chiddingfold
5th - Dartford warbler alighting on a bush just 6 feet from observer. Also a male stonechat and a few crossbills. Black Down
5th - 5 or 6 red kite East of Fernhurst
5th - Firecrest singing Bunch Lane
5th - 30+ buzzards Between Black Down, Bexleyhill Common and Woolbeding
7th – Roe buck with fine new antlers still in velvet  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
8th - Brambling Hill Road garden
9th/10th - Redpolls Hill Road garden
10th – Pair of goosanders  Click for photo Imbhams Farm pond
mid month -  Barn owl observed in broad daylight gliding past over our garden and landing in adjacent tall deciduous woodland Chiddingfold garden
15th – Pair of stock dove   Petworth Road garden
16th – Adult male Dartford warbler singing on gorse Mare Hill Common
17th – Wood lark heard Imbhams Farm towards Grayswood
17th – 4+ red kite, distant views of 2 female goshawk and a male, pair of sparrowhawk displaying, 30+ buzzard, female peregrine falcon, singing male woodlark, 2+ crossbill Black Down
19th – Goldfinches, at least 10 in a charm Lynchmere garden
20th - Cormorant, yellowhammer and skylark Imbhams Farm
20th – Many common toads spawning together in pond  Click for photo Imbhams Farm
20th – Yellow-necked mouse nesting in dormouse box  Click for photo Imbhams Farm
20th – Big flock of 100+ bramblings/chaffinch. Also chiffchaff. Lynchmere
20th – Pair of goldcrest investigating conifer trees, perhaps to nest Furnace Place
20th – Red kite being closely monitored by a pair of buzzards Petworth Road near Ramster
20th – About 100 lesser redpoll (mostly), a few siskin, goldfinch and brambling Lynchmere Common
20th – At least 3  firecrest and a couple of chiffchaff Between Stanley and Lynchmere commons
20th – Chiffchaff Fernhurst
20th – Large numbers of meadow pipits moving northwards West of Fernhurst
21st - Several raptors plus kestrel, and strong NNW movement of dozens of meadow pipits. Also 3 sand martins and a single lapwing. Sussex Border Path N of Shillinglee
21st - 2 bramblings, 1 firecrest, 5 marsh tits, 1 lesser spotted woodpecker, 2 yellowhammers, 12 chiffchaffs and 2 blackcaps Thorncombe Street
22nd - Blue tit attacking its reflection in windows Tanners Lane
22nd - Grey partridge, 10 red-legged partridges, 5 fieldfare and 1 meadow pipit Thorncombe Street
22nd -  Female goldeneye   Click for photo Snowdenham Mill Pond, Bramley
22nd -  Pair of brambling and 4 brimstone butterflies Weycombe Road garden
22nd -  A very healthy looking hedgehog Fernden Heights garden
22nd – Much social calling by brown long-eared bats after dark Petworth Road garden
23rd -  Female ring-necked duck Frensham Great Pond
24th – Wheatear Valewood
24th - Chiffchaff   Hindhead Common
24th – 4 red kite, 2 pairs and 2 individual sparrowhawk, 31+ buzzard, kestrel, adult lesser black-backed gull, male woodlark singing, 4+ chiffchaff, 2 singing male firecrest, lesser redpoll heard West of Fernhurst/Woolbeding Common
24th – Firecrest singing Weycombe Road garden
24th - Peacock butterfly on the wing Central Milford garden
24th - After months of hibernation on a sandstone lintel, comma butterfly took flight today. Also brimstone butterfly nectaring on primroses   Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
24th - First forget-me-not and lady's smock Cardamine pratensis in flower Chiddingfold garden
24th - Great spotted woodpecker on coconut suet feeders Fernden Heights garden
25th - Red legged partridge   Click for photo Fernden Heights garden
25th - 17 singing male chiffchaff, female blackcap, raven, male mandarin duck Click for photo, 3 lesser redpoll, pair of stonechat Witley Common
25th - 4 comma butterfly Witley Common
27th onwards - Wonderful melodious nightingale singing away West end of Stedham (near the pub).
28th -  Common ladybird on vegetation Polecat Valley field
29th - Osprey flying high Woolbeding trig point
30th - Red kite, 1-2 female sparrowhawk, 20+ buzzard (some just passing through), kestrel, 3 lesser black-backed gull, 1-2 woodlark, lots of chiffchaff, singing male Dartford warbler, raven, linnets (many singing), 1-2 lesser redpoll, 2 crossbill Black Down
30th - Singing male firecrests Along Petworth Road and Haste Hill junction
30th - Orange tip butterfly on lady's smock. First of the season in this garden. Chiddingfold garden
31st - 2 holly blue butterflies occasionally settling on laurel leaves Click for photo. Also wood anenome in flower Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
31st - 3 house martins. Surely very early arrivals? Petworth Park



1st – Solitary fieldfare   Headley garden
1st – 2 or 3 male brambling Weycombe Road garden
2nd/3rd - Male and female teal Imbhams Farm pond
3rd - 8 goldfinch, female siskin and marsh tit on feeders. Woodpecker drumming occasionally and loud singing from robin and song thrush Furnace Place
3rd - Two female roe deer browsing in snow suddenly chasing off a fox when it appeared Petworth Road garden
3rd - Adult male peregrine, pair of stonechat + 1 on conifer restocks West of Fernhurst
3rd - Greenfinch and male bullfinch on bird feeder Headley Down garden
4th - 2 male brambling Weycombe Road garden
4th - 8 siskins on the niger seeds - 5 females & 3 males Furnace Place
5th - Barn owl over field Upper Valewood
6th - Snowdrop flowers being visited by 4 or 5 small bee species Plaistow garden
7th –  Yellow primroses in flower, also greater periwinkle Vinca major.   Click for photo    Chiddingfold garden
8th - Woodcock sitting at side of sandy lane Bramshott
9th - 30+ yellowhammers Click for photo, 2 crossbills and 1 ring-necked parakeet Thorncombe Street
10th - Pair of greenfinches, the first ones seen this winter in our mid village garden  Click for photo    Church Rd. Milford
10th - 4 pochard Click for photo, 1 firecrest, 11 gadwall Click for photo, 2 shoveler and 1 teal Bramley Park Lake and Mill Pond
10th -  68 redwings (one Icelandic redwing candidate, subspecies coburni), 92 fieldfare Click for photo and 37 linnets Bonhurst Farm, Birtley Green
11th - Frogspawn appeared overnight after croaking activity the previous evening Lion Lane garden pond
11th - Siskin with niger seed in its beak   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford
11th – Female peregrine in flight SE of Fernhurst
12th - Robin collecting nesting material Headley garden
12th - Little egret Elmer's Marsh
12th - Female brambling Weycombe Road garden
12th - Up to 5 male and 1+ female woodlark, 4+ fieldfare, lesser redpoll, 1+ crossbill, pair yellowhammer, 4+ sparrowhawk, about 15 buzzard, male peregrine low overhead, later a pair high to NW Woolbeding
12th - 2 common gull North of Woolbeding
12th - Raven displaying West of Woolbeding
Up to 3 red kite NW of Woolbeding
12th - Unidentified bumblebee nectaring on snowdrops    Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
13th - Goosanders – 4 male , 3 female, also grey heron, mandarin, mallard and tufted ducks    Click for photo Cuttmill Pond
13th - Witches broom, on a birch tree, likely to be caused by fungus Taphrina betulina    Click for photo Bacon Lane .Frensham
13th - Pair of bullfinch on seed feeder Headley Down garden
14th - Female greater spotted woodpecker on peanuts at the same time as a male was on the fat balls nearby. We presume these two have paired up for spring.  Also male sparrowhawk watching feeders without being able to capture anything. Furnace Place
14th – Extremely rare greater horseshoe bat found in hibernation   Click for photo Between Petworth and Midhurst
14th - Brimstone butterfly Headley
14th - 3 Dartford warbler including 1 song-flighting male Black Down
mid-month - pair of raven and two pairs of red kite reported at regular nest sites HNHS area
15th – Long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
15th – 5 Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn    Click for photo Nutcombe
16th - Marsh tit, brambling and lesser redpoll Weycombe Road garden
17th - Assortment of bees on the Christmas box Sarcococca and Mahonia. 2 queen bumblebees of differing sizes. Also a red admiral butterfly. Furnace Place
17th - 15+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 3+ singing male woodlark, 2 stonechat, 2  raven, 1+ brambling, 6+ crossbill Black Down
17th - Pair of woodlark on ground and another pair heard nearby Black Down
17th - Pair of stonechat Top ridge above Cotchet valley, Black Down
17th - Kestrel and 2 buzzards flying low By Chase Lane
17th - 2 peregrines Click for photo, crossbill, skylark, 3 ravens, 2 marsh tits and 5 yellowhammers Thorncombe Street
18th - Small white butterfly in utility room in evening Haslemere
18th - Brambling Weycombe Road garden
18th - A few bramblings mixed in with good size groups of chaffinch Chase Lane and Black Down
18th - 2 chiffchaffs, 3 marsh tits and 1 brambling Winkworth Arboretum
18th -  Brimstone butterflies, several  on three consecutive days Garden in central Haslemere
18th - Brimstone butterflies, several for 4 days and 2 red admirals Garden on Hindhead/Grayshott border
19th – 2 Natterer’s bats, 2 long-eared, a Daubenton’s and a small woodland Myotis bat still apparently in hibernation  Midhurst
19th Male adder spotted basking in the sun Mare Hill Common, Witley
21st - Red kite hovering quite low for 5 minutes. Seen again 24th. Holdfast Lane
22nd - Tawny owl heard at 4am Headley Down
22nd - Peacock butterfly Hammer Vale garden
22nd - Pair of raven Devil's Punchbowl
22nd - Red kite circling fairly low Above petrol station, Sainsbury's Liphook
22nd - Female red-crested pochard and firecrest Bramley Park Lake
22nd - Female hazel flowers which must be pollinated by male pollen from other hazel trees   Click for photo Loxwood
23rd – Brimstone  butterfly  Chiddingfold garden
23rd – Brimstone  butterfly  Stedham
23rd – Tawny owl calling Dunelm car park, Ludshott Common
24th - Several queen bumblebees nectaring in sunshine   Click for photo Furnace Place
24th - Adult female goshawk Between Hollycombe and Elmers Marsh
24th - Two woodlarks    Click for photo Brookwell
25th - Celandine, mahonia and rosemary in flower Chiddingfold garden
26th - Pair of firecrest, male stonechat, 2 singing male Dartford warblers, crossbill Witley Common
26th - Pompilid wasp Anoplius viaticus  (an early record) Witley Common
27th - 2 comma and 2 peacock butterflies Chiddingfold Forest (Hogwood and
Tugley Wood) 
28th -  Juvenile rock dove accompanying parents Camelsdale patio



1st - Making the most of the glorious sunshine were about a dozen (hive) bees eagerly exploring the flowers on my Viburnum bush Lion Lane garden
1st - Red admiral Inval
1st - 4+ crossbill Black Down
1st - Roe deer browsing on shrubbery Petworth Road garden
1st - Water rail Click for photo, reed bunting, 3 tufted ducks, 1 mandarin and 10+ siskins. Winkworth Arboretum
1st - 2 red kite Black Down
1st - Golden plover - only my second ever record here I think Black Down
2nd – Wood mouse humanely trapped in house and released outside    Click for photo Petworth Road
2nd – 6+ brambling, 30 linnet, 1+ lesser redpoll, Dartford warbler calling Black Down
2nd – Snipe zig zagging in morning half light  Black Down
3rd - About 6 crossbill Furnace Pond
3rd - 2 red kite   Cook's Pond (Milland)
3rd - Woodcock, six crossbills and several buzzards Black Down
4th - Brambling, 6 yellowhammers, 4 marsh tits and 2 ravens Thorncombe Street
5th - 3 crossbills, brambling and firecrest Thorncombe Street
5th - Up to 16 crossbills Black Down
6th - 3+ marsh tits, 5+ siskins, cormorant, tufted duck, herring gull, 15 mandarin and 7 redwings Winkworth Arboretum
8th - 2 little egret, kestrel Elmer’s Marsh
8th - Red kite and up to 5 sparrowhawk West of Fernhurst
8th - 16+ buzzard From West of Fernhurst to West of Woolbeding
8th - 2 peregrine falcon West of Woolbeding
10th – Polecat traffic victim   Click for photo Midhurst Road between Scotland Lane and Coomers
10th – Redwings on Cotoneaster  Hindhead garden
11th - Greater spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, chaffinch, goldfinch, great tit, blue tit, marsh tit, coal tit, dunnocks, robins and numerous blackbirds at feeders. Male sparrowhawk unable to catch any. Wren and goldcrest frequently spotted in yew hedges. Furnace Place
11th - 55 bird species spotted during New Year’s Bird Race
including rook, starling, black-headed gull, song thrushes, mistle thrush singing, redwings, stock dove, greenfinch, red kites, mandarins, moorhen, coot, Canada goose, peregrine, cormorant, sparrowhawks, buzzards, female goshawk
Between Black Down and Sussex/Hants border
11th - Barn owl, also a tawny owl calling     Fernhurst
11th - Pied and grey wagtails     Fernhurst sewage farm
11th - Dartford warbler, crossbills, bramblings, linnets, meadow pipits, male goshawk     Black Down
11th/12th - Red kite Headley Down
12th - Pair of siskin on bird feeder Garden in Church Rd. Milford
12th - 7 ravens and a kestrel Black Down
13th - White stork (apparently an escapee)   Click for photo Near Frensham Great Pond
14th - A rather bewildered female pheasant wandering around Lion Green
mid-month - Male stonechat Hindhead
18th – A single long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn  Chase Lane
18th – Four Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn, two of them together   Click for photo Nutcombe Valley
18th – Fieldfare enjoying apple on frosty lawn   Click for photo Church Rd. garden, Milford
18th – Red kite Above green between Midhurst Road and Canada Way
19th - 3 pairs of siskin on niger seeds and 2 long-tailed tits back after a long absence Furnace Place
19th - Colony of very large cave spiders, probably Meta menardi    Click for photo Underground site near Rudgwick
20th – Female goshawk, 2 red kite, male sparrowhawk, 6+ buzzard, 3 Dartford warbler including a singing male, 4+ crossbill Black Down
20th – Kestrel, 2 raven (possibly a further two over Black Down) Chase Lane
20th – Pair of jackdaws taking possession of tree hole as a nest Woodland close to Swan Barn Farm
20th – Lesser redpoll Weycombe Road garden
22nd - Hibernating bats - 6 Natterer's, 5 long-eared and a single Daubenton's  Click for photo Midhurst
22nd – Cluster of harlequin ladybirds hibernating on window frame beneath curtain   Click for photo Petworth Road
22nd – Bittern Frensham Little Pond
23rd - Green woodpecker on lawn Furnace Place
24th - Male siskin feeding at niger seed. Also long-tailed, great, blue and marsh tits at feeders with wood pigeon, male pheasant, dunnock and magpie scavenging beneath. Killinghurst Lane garden
26th - 2 male and a female goosander on pond Imbhams Farm
26th - Comma butterfly hibernating on sandstone lintel. Has been there for nearly three months.  Click for photo Chiddingfold
29th - Pair of long-tailed tits. Never seen here before. Hindhead garden
30th - Little egret flying west South of Fernhurst
30th - 10+ lesser redpoll South east of Fernhurst
31st - 5+ crossbill Near Black Down
31st - 2 lesser redpoll Weycombe Road garden