Do let us know of any interesting sightings in the area. Just e-mail us at info@haslemerenaturalhistorysociety.org.uk

All sightings are posted in good faith, but have not necessarily been formally authenticated

MAY 2018


Early in month - Swifts seem to be settling in Weycombe Road
1st - Male blackcap at the bird feeders Furnace Place
3rd - Hobby, redkite, 4 sparrowhawk, 20+ buzzard, 1-2 male cuckoo, 2+ green woodpecker, woodlark + 4 singing, 2 singing male tree pipits, 8+ swallow, pair stonechat, 4 singing male whitethroat, about 20 common crossbill Boarden Door Bottom Valley, Black Down
4th - Holly blue butterfly Headley garden
4th - Redstart, kestrel, curlew flying over, juvenile stonechat, cuckoo and chiffchaff heard, lots of goldfinches, 2 greylag geese, several tufted ducks of both sexes Thursley Common
6th - Red kite, about 20 buzzard, kestrel- possibly two pairs, hobby, lapwing, 7 swift, 6+ swallow, 4 woodlark males singing, 3 singing male tree pipits, 5+ singing whitethroat, 2+ singing male garden warblers, singing male Dartford warbler Black Down
6th - Curlew, cuckoo calling, hobby doing solo aerobatics, 4 wood lark inc pair with male in full song flight, 2 skylark, tree pipit, 20 whitethroat, 12 Dartford warbler (6 seen, one in display flight), 2 blackcap, probable garden warbler, 10 stonechat, 20+ redstart, 15 linnet Thursley Common
7th - Cuckoo  - a remarkable 4-5 calling males and a female Various sites between Haslemere and the west side of Woolbeding
7th – Pair of hobby SW of Woolbeding Common
7th - Pair of hobby West of Fernhurst
7th - Nightjar - one churring male and another male calling in flight, 1 -2 woodcock calling in flight Black Down
7th and 8th - Cuckoo calling Black Down
8th – 2 red kite, male sparrowhawk carrying prey, hobby perched in pine, kestrel with prey Black Down
8th – 2 singing firecrest males   Inval
8th – Sparrowhawk in flight, blackcap singing, cuckoo calling   Petworth Road
8th - Several common pipistrelles and a single noctule bat on wing Petworth Road garden
10th - Several common pipistrelles and a few serotine bats on wing Petworth Road garden
mid-month - Amazing amount of yellow archangel in woods.  There has always been the odd few, but this year there are loads. Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden

APRIL 2018


Early in month - Skylarks and yellowhammer Farm near Milland
5th - Singing male blackcap, 8 singing male chiffchaffs, pair firecrest, 7 lesser redpoll, 6 buzzard Witley Common
5th - Broken-barred carpet moth Electrophaes corylata attracted to light at front door  Click for photo Chiddingfold
7th - Cormorant drying wings on Society’s tern raft Click for photo Also great crested grebes, grey heron, tufted ducks, coot, moorhens, mute swan,  blue and long-tailed tits, a coal tit flying into its nest in between the base of the twin forks of a large pine,chaffinches, dunnock, tree creepers, goldcrest,  goldfinches, Dartford warbler, skylark,  robins, crows, magpie, wood pigeons, buzzard, and heard wrens, wood lark, chiffchaff, Canada geese Frensham Little Pond and surrounds
7th - Chiffchaff and willow warbler calling Marley Common
8th – Roebuck resting on grass whilst pregnant hind remained hidden in undergrowth  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
10th - First swallow heard Farm near Milland
10th - 2 Egyptian goose, 2 mandarin duck Witley Common
10th - Pair of redpoll in breeding plumage Headley garden
14th – Cuckoo calling Farm near Milland
14th – 2 Small tortoiseshells Headley allotments
14th – American skunk-cabbage Lysichiton americanus    Click for photo Hewshott
14th – Woodcock, male redstart singing, male willow warbler singing Witley Common
14th – Slow-worm   Click for photo Witley Common
16th – Male lesser spotted woodpecker drumming, woodcock, 2 lesser redpoll Witley Common
16th – Ashy mining bee Andrena cineraria  at nesting burrow   Click for photo Witley Common
16th - Orange tip butterfly flying across road by Rodborough school
17th - Pupa of very rare betony case-bearer moth Cleophora wockeela    Click for photo Oaken Wood Reserve
18th - Cuckoo Witley Common
18th - 4 red kite, 30+ buzzard, some in small groups, 3 sparrowhawk, kestrel, tawny owl calling at midday, 2+ green woodpecker, male cuckoo, 2 woodlark, 2 tree pipit, 4+ swallow, stanechat pair and male, male wheatear, 1-2 raven, 4+ chiffchaff, 5+ willow warbler, blackcap, probable  garden warbler heard, 4+ linnet, 3+ siskin, 1-2 lesser redpoll, bullfinch heard, 5-6 common crossbill Black Down
18th - Brimstone, peacock butterflies, green tiger beetles out Black Down
18th - Small orange tip butterfly on the wing. Also a large fine fox (male?) Chiddingfold garden
18th - Blue tit at the bird feeder with abnormal plumage on its head (citrine yellow - possibly flavism (which is reportable). Chiddingfold garden
19th – Comma butterfly Petworth Road garden
19th – Nightingale Witley Common
20th – 2+ cuckoo calling and a nightingale   Roundwyke Copse, Plaistow
20th - Singing male Dartford warbler, 3 stonechat territories Black Down
20th - Adult or near adult female goshawk High over Temple of the Winds, Black Down
20th - Male orange tip butterfly Headley garden
20th – Several common pipistrelle and a noctule bat on the wing Petworth Road garden
21st - Bumble bee queens everywhere in our garden checking out possible nest sites. Furnace Place
21st - Wood warbler (rare vistor to this site), 3 garden warbler, whitethroat Witley Common
21st - Rather sickly female meally redpoll on bird feeders Haslemere garden
21st/22nd - Sound and sight of cuckoo Devil’s Bunch Bowl
22nd - A couple of male orange tip butterflies in the garden today Furnace Place
22nd - Crow predating young song thrushes in nest Furnace Place
23rd – Orange tip butterfly Milford garden
23rd - Peregrine 1 (adult?) male High over Black Down
24th - Red kite - multiple sightings but may have all related to one bird, 7 sparrowhawk, 16+ buzzard, kestrel, 2 lesser black-backed gull, herring gull, up to 5 swift, 3 singing male woodlark, singing male tree pipit (but at least three territories now), 7+ swallow, singing male redstart, 1-2 raven, about 20 common crossbill Black Down
24th - Firecrest 1 singing male Weycombe Road Wood
25th - Red kite being mobbed by single crow over the garden Furnace Place
27th - Large patch of early purple orchids in woods  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
30th - Male brown long-eared bat found roosting in exposed position. (Released 8th May)  Click for photo Fernhurst


MARCH 2018


1st - Coal tit eating the seed heads of Rudbeckia Killinghurst Lane garden
2nd – Bank vole foraging beneath shrubs in snow Petworth Road garden
2nd – Approximately 15 fieldfares eating last of berries. (Quite often see redwings but not fieldfares). Hindhead garden
2nd – Fieldfare, one of two,  attracted by apples put out in snowy garden  Click for photo Church Road, Milford
2nd – Starlings, small flock of 10 Plaistow garden
3rd – Hawfinch on bird feeder (sunflower hearts) Fernhurst garden
3rd – Fox foraging in snow  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
4th - Seven lapwings Upper Vann Lane
5th - Two red kite mobbing a buzzard, Two male yellowhammer (the first seen here since 19th August) Witley Common
6th - Pair of jackdaws displaying to one another whilst inspecting potential nest hole in oak tree  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
11th – At least six pairs of jackdaws noisily disputing nest hole in oak tree Petworth Road garden
13th - Singing chiffchaff, 25 lesser redpoll, 2 woodcock flushed together, red kite, Reeve's muntjac Witley Common
14th - Blackcap in beech hedge near bird feeder Chiddingfold garden
14th - Pintail, male Click for photo and female, on the Moat, chiffchaff, buzzard,  red kite Click for photo circling over a mallard, long-tailed tit, robin, blackbird, mistle thrush, 4 Canada geese, 2 greylag geese, crow, stonechat - male, Dartford warbler, jackdaws, goldcrest, magpie, goldfinch and heard coal tit, great spotted woodpecker, skylark, several wrens Thursley Common
14th - Lizard warming itself on boardwalk   Click for photo Thursley Common
mid-month - Bird feeders busy with the unusual sight of 6 robins gathered in one space waiting for the more messy eaters to drop food from the seeds and fat balls.  Needless to say it is not a harmonious spot, with constant fights breaking out between the 6 of them. 3 nuthatches as bad, chasing each other around the peanuts. As for the resident blackbird  couple they are positively vicious towards the smaller birds. Furnace Place
mid-month - large numbers of lethargic or dead bumble bees on lawn, similarly, many dead smooth and palmate newts in garden pond. Perhaps due to severe weather fluctuations this month Killinghurst Lane garden
15th - Brimstone butterfly in the sunshine near loganberry bushes Chiddingfold garden
16th - 3 chiffchaff singing, about 25 lesser redpoll still present along with about 10 siskin Witley Common
16th - Bombus pratorum (the early bumblebee) Witley Common
20th - 2 male siskins on niger seeds Furnace Place
20th - Goldcrest Headley garden
20th - Male brown long-eared bat found grounded and underweight, with injured wing   Click for photo West Lavington
21st - Male lesser spotted woodpecker, 30 redwing Witley Common
21st - Brimstone butterfly, male Plaistow garden
22nd - At last - 1 male and 1 female siskin on  niger seeds this morning Furnace Place
23rd - Peregrine falcon, singing firecrest Witley Common
26th - Dormouse, adult male Private land at Haslemere
26th - Brimstone butterfly, male Haslemere woodland
26th - Red admiral butterfly Killinghurst Lane
26th - Small tortoiseshell butterfly basking in the sun high up in hazel clump Click for photo. Also  3 brimstones seen in garden. Church Road. Milford
27th - 40 siskin, pair Dartford warbler, pair woodlark Witley Common
28th -  Brimstone butterfly dancing along the hedge line Petworth Road
28th -  Sparrowhawk narrowly missing wood pigeon Furnace Place
29th – Heavily pregnant roe deer relaxing in pouring rain   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
late in month - Nuthatch, robin, blue tits, coal tits and great tits frequently at bird feeder. Dunnock in beech hedge under feeder. Male and female blackbirds ground feeding. Goldfinch on greengage tree. Brimstone butterfly flying high around trees on a sunny day. Chiddingfold garden



1st - Male goldcrest on fatball feeding undisturbed by me on path only two metres away Church Rd. Milford
2nd –  Greenfinch on seed feeder   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford
3rd - Green or turquoise elf cup fungus Chlorociboria aeruginascens. Cup rarely seen but leaves a green or blue stain on the wood. Used in Tonbridge ware marquetry    Click for photo Woods near Frensham Great Pond
4th - Red kite, 3 sparrowhawk, 24+ buzzard, kestrel, 2 peregrine, 6+ herring gull, male Dartford warbler, several small redwing flocks, 1-2+ raven, greenfinch, several bullfinch,woodcock, crossbill heard Black Down
6th - Pair of red kites in field being mobbed by several crows Killinghurst Lane
8th - First bumblebee of 2018 working her way across a bed of hellebores Furnace Place
9th -  Redpolls, siskins, brambling and marsh tits on feeders Inval
14th – Pair of roe deer keeping very close company, the male now having well formed fresh antlers in velvet Petworth Road garden
14th/15th - two male siskins visiting niger seeds  Furnace Place
15th - 8 Natterer's bats Click for photo, 6 long-eared, 2 Daubenton's and a single unidentified bat in hibernation Midhurst
15th - 5 wrens revealed by bird box camera huddled together, scratching, preening, then settling down to sleep overnight  Click for video (courtesy M. Tomsett) Killinghurst Lane garden
16th - Large common frog  (yellowish) Plaistow garden
17th Red admiral butterfly settled on my car as I reversed into my driveway Lion Lane
18th – Hawfinch Swan Barn Farm
18th – 2 singing male woodlarks and a presumed female, one Dartford warbler heard calling, 1+ crossbill heard, 2 linnets, 2 green woodpeckers and a buzzard.  To the east of the ridge - 12+ buzzards, 2 red kites, 1 raven, 1 sparrowhawk, 17 lapwings flying S Black Down
19th - Two Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
19th - Three Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn   Click for photo. Also, 2 wood mice huddled in a small bat box amongst a cache of acorns. Nutcombe Valley
19th/20th - Frog spawn appearing overnight in garden pond Lion Lane
20th - Toads migrating to mating pond North of Bignor
21st -  Two red kites circling Over Waitrose car park
24th - For several days now have had a tree creeper feeding under the bird feeders and sometimes actually on the peanut feeder. Killinghurst Lane garden
25th - Pied wagtail-always the last bird to feed before dusk. Other regular visitors, 6 goldfinch, a redpoll, 4+ siskins, 6+ blackbirds, around 8 chaffinches, great & blue tits, several sparrows , 3 starlings, wren, pair dunnock, nuthatch Click for photo, 3 jackdaws, wood pigeon, collared doves, song thrush, and occasionally great spotted woodpecker, magpie and long tailed tits Centre village garden, Milford
28th - Brown long-eared bat found grounded in sub-zero temperatures. Released after rehabilitation 14th March.   Click for photo Lion Lane garden



2nd – Roebuck with half grown horns in velvet and a dog fox. Both at rest on lawn, though eyeing one another warily Petworth Road garden
4th -  Approx 24 little egrets in field Elmers Marsh
4th -  Egrets Bentley
10th - Red admiral out and about Furnace Place
10th - Red admiral  Chiddingfold Forest
10th - 13 goosanders Click for photo  6 mandarin duck, and 2 grey herons,2 mute swans, coots and several mallard Cutmill Pond, Puttenham Common
10th - Two pipistrelle bats hunting for at least 30 mins at 4.30 pm. Accompanied by at least one much bigger and faster flying bat, perhaps a brown long eared, Pine View Close garden
12th - 15 redwings just sitting in a tree deciding their next move, 6 long tailed tits on the peanuts, female greater spotted woodpecker on peanuts, goldcrest on rose bushes Furnace Place
12th - Grounded male whiskered bat taken into care   Click for photo Graffham Infants School playground
16th - Red kite dragging pheasant roadkill away from traffic Near Elsted Marsh
16th - 8 Natterer's bats, four long-eared and a single small Myotis species in hibernation Midhurst
19th - Siskins on sunflower and nigella seed feeders   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford
22nd – Two Daubenton’s bats and a single long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
22nd – Natterer’s bat hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
27th -  More greenfinches than I have seen for many years and 5 bullfinches. To my amazement 2 hawfinches put in an appearance, one a magnificent male Click for photo, the other less distinctly marked and possibly young. Both have been seen occasionally since then, but not together. Grayswood
28th -  Bullfinch pair Headley Down
29th -  Grounded female common pipistrelle taken into care. Released 3rd April Liphook
30th -  Great spotted woodpecker on peanuts with female woodpecker on branch above - spring must be here! Also six goldfinches on niger seeds. Furnace Place
31st - Herald moth Scoliopteryx libatrix in conservatory   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford



Early in month - Goldfinch on the loganberry branches, long tail tits on bird feeder, spotted woodpecker and blue tits pecking on dying, peeling branches of a greengage tree Chiddingfold garden
Early in month - Common crossbill sitting in a low fir tree about six feet from our dining room window Courts Hill Road garden
1st – 2 male goosander, kingfisher, grey heron , young mute swan, 6 tufted duck, many mallard, 5 mandarin, 10+ shoveller, coots, moorhen, several Canada & greylag geese, black headed gulls, goldcrest, party of redwings, long tailed & blue tits, and wrens heard. The Tarn , Cutmill & Long Ponds and Puttenham Common
2nd - About 75 fieldfare, heading SW Witley Common
9th - A very fine, large (dog?) fox with good coat and thick brush on lawn in broad daylight Chiddingfold garden
10th -  Siskin, on feeder joining a charm of at least 8 goldfinches regularly visiting several times a day Church Rd. Milford
13th -  5 long-eared and 5 Natterer's bats in hibernation Midhurst
16th - 2 sparrowhawk, 10+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 6 herring gull, 3 green woodpecker, song thrush, 8+ redwing, pair stonechat, male Dartford warbler, 4-5 raven, about 6 bullfinch, 1+ linnet heard, 1+ lesser redpoll heard, crossbill sp. heard Black Down
17th - At least 6 long tailed tits on the bird feeder this morning Killinghurst Lane garden
17th - Two great spotted woodpeckers disputing access to a bird feeder Petworth Road garden
17th - Long-eared bat circling over floodlit lawn (external temperature 8ºC) Petworth Road garden
18th - Three long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
18th - One Natterer's bat and one long-eared bat hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
21st - Hawfinch, 4 or 5 brambling with good numbers of goldfinch a few siskin and 4 greenfinch (becoming increasingly scarce). Fernhurst garden
21st - 9 little egrets in field Elmers Marsh
22nd -  Hawfinch (female) perched 20ft up Norwegian maple Fernhurst garden
24th - Lesser redpoll, new visitor amongst charm of goldfinches Click for photo
Also seen regularly in December :8+ blackbirds, blue, great, & coal tits, dunnock, robin, 3 jackdaws, 3 starlings, wood & feral pigeons, collared doves, single magpie, male & female bullfinch, chaffinches 6+ sparrows, thrush.  More occasionally long tailed tits, siskin, wagtail, wren, greenfinch and Canada geese overhead.
Centre village garden. Milford
28th - Blackcap visiting garden feeders Fernhurst
30th - Great spotted woodpecker  Centre village garden. Milford
31st - 2 redpolls on niger seed feeder Hindhead garden



1st – 3 firecrest Witley Common
2nd - Goldfinch perched on bird feeder hanging on hazel in garden in centre of village   Click for photo Church Road ,Milford
2nd - Firecrest seen at 1 metre range Fernhurst garden
3rd - Little egret, perched high up in birch trees   Click for photo Waggoners Wells
4th – 2 kestrel, 2 herring gull, 2+ green woodpecker, 5+ meadow pipit, 2 blackbird, 40+ redwing, 2 Dartford warblers heard, 5+ siskin, about 10 lesser redpoll, about 50 linnet, 7+ common crossbill Black Down
4th - Huge flock of about 100 meadow pipits Black Down
4th – Torpid sub-adult male brown long-eared bat taken into care   Click for photo  (Released 9th Nov) On external wall of Amesbury School
6th - Muntjac. Also a mole 'fortress' found under dead bracken Witley Common
7th - Red kite Crooksbury Common
7th - Little egret disturbed, presumably after foraging in the small stream Rear of the former Crown & Cushion pub by Fosters Bridge
9th – Pair of house sparrows gathering nesting materials Lion Lane garden
14th - Female pipistrelle bat with serious cat injuries taken into care Liphook
17th - Starling on seed feeder  Click for photo Church Road ,Milford
21st - The first brambling seen here this winter Haslemere garden
23rd - Southern hawker dragonfly flying around swimming pool Killinghurst Lane garden
23rd - Pair of roe deer, the male lacking one horn Petworth Road garden
23rd - A magpie caught a coal tit that had just flow away from a bird feeder, in mid air, dropped to the ground, plucked and ate it on the lawn, then flew off leaving a small pile of feathers. Church Road, Milford
24th - Tree creeper Killinghurst Lane garden
28th - Brown long-eared bat found hanging from office corridor ceiling  Click for photo (Released 20th Dec) Fernhurst



Throughout month - Polytrichum commune moss and much sphagnum     Witley Common
5th – Young whiskered bat Myotis mystacinus found grounded with broken wing Killinghurst Lane garden
7th - 2 buzzard, 3-4 kestrel, green woodpecker calling, 7+ meadow pipit, pied wagtail calling, stonechat, redwing, 2 mistle thrush, blackbird, 2 juvenile ring ouzels, goldfinch, 17+ linnet, about 20 lesser redpoll, 3 bullfinch Black Down
8th - Sparrowhawk, about 12 buzzard, kestrel, 2-3 green woodpecker, 2+ great spotted woodpecker, pied wagtail, 5 swallow, woodlark, 20+ meadow pipit, 6+ stonechat. 3+ redwing, 10 mistle thrush, ring ouzel, 2+ chiffchaff, 2+ Dartford warbler, linnet heard, 100+ lesser redpoll, 6+ bullfinch Black Down
8th - 2+ red admiral butterflies, hornet, hawker dragonfly species Black Down
11th - Hare’s foot inkcap Coprinopsis lagopus growing in woodchip amongst reeds   Click for photo Frensham Great Pond
11th - 10+ shoveler duck in eclipse plumage, cormorant, mandarin (male & female ), mallard, tufted duck, grey heron, great crested grebes, pair mute swans with 5 cygnets Cutmill
12th - Frosty funnel fungi Clitocybe phyllophila   Click for photo By Wey & Arun Canal, near Loxwood
12th – A few dragonflies still on the wing, three red admiral butterflies and a single small white, several hornets patrolling water’s edge By Wey & Arun Canal, near Loxwood
12th – Red kite and buzzard circling one another warily Over Loxwood
14th - Grey heron, goshawk (1st winter), 2 sparrowhawk, 2 buzzard calling, 2 kestrel, 2+ green woodpecker, 20+ meadow pipit, woodlark calling, 6+ stonechat, 2+ blackbird, mistle thrush, 20+ redwing, 2 1st winter ring ouzel + 1 female, raven, 5+ Dartford warbler, about 200 lesser redpoll, 6 siskin, 9+ linnet, 6+ bulfinch, 4 hawfinch Black Down
14th - Female minotaur beetle Typhaeus typhoeus Click for photo, fox moth caterpillar, pale tussock moth caterpillar Click for photo Black Down
15th - Cormorant, adult goshawk, 8+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 1st winter herring gull, woodcock, 25+ meadow pipit, about 135 redwing, 2 blackbird, 16 mistle thrush, 2+ ring ouzel, 10 stonechat, 2+ chiffchaff, 4+ Dartford warbler, brambling, 20 linnet, about 100 lesser redpoll, hawfinch calling Black Down
17th – Hornet queen at rest in recently installed bat box (Box No 31)  Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
17th – 3 common pipistrelles now in residence in recently installed bat box (Box No 30) Frensham Little Pond
22nd - 2 cormorant, 8+ buzzard, 3 kestrel, 11 herring gull, green woodpecker calling, 6+ meadow pipit, 4+ stonechat, 1-2 blackbird, 4+ redwing, mistle thrush, 2 1st winter ring ouzel, Dartford warbler, raven, about 20 linnet, 5+ siskin, 8+ lesser redpoll, 3 hawfinch Black Down
27th –  Pair of Dartford warblers Frensham Common, near Devil's Jumps
27th – About 20 noctule bats roosting singly or in pairs in bat boxes Click for photo. Also, a single pipistrelle bat in a separate box Thursley National Nature Reserve
28th - Southward migration: c. 700 woodpigeon, 30 redwing, 15 fieldfare. Also 3 firecrest seen. Witley Common
30th -  The most perfect specimen of  a slowworm, basking in the sun Chiddingfold  Church Yard
31st – Hornet nest  Click for photo and (separately) tits nest with 2 eggs Click for photo found during bat box checks Frensham Little Pond



Throughout month - 1 to 2 deer grazing around garden and peering in through patio doors. Pinebank, Hindhead
1st - Goshawk - 1 juvenile female over the ridge ca.1130 with two buzzards, left to east; but also a distant male up high further east mobbed by a kestrel or hobby.
Also 2 sparrowhawk, 8+ buzzard, 1-2 kestrel, 3 hobby together heading south, steady southward trickle of swallows and house martins, at least 7 wheatear (easily the most of these I've ever seen here on one day), 2+ stonechat, 2+ Dartford warbler, 4_ willow warbler, 4+ chiffchaff, 3+ spotted flycatcher, 3+ redstart, raven, 6+ linnet
Black Down
4th -  Found on the grass in garden; elephant hawk moth caterpillar Deilephila elpenor   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
4th - Male common pipistrelle bat (cat victim) taken into care. (Released 18.9.17) Grayshott
6th – Female scorpion fly attempting to fly off with dried mealworm   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane greenhouse
6th – Clifden nonpareil moth atttracted by house lights   Click for photo Tennysons Lane
9th - 5 sparrowhawk, 18 buzzard, 2 kestrel, 4 hobby, juvenile female peregrine, 2+ woodpecker, 9+ swallow, meadow pipit, tree pipit, 6+ stonechat, wheatear, 3 mistle thrush, 25+ chiffchaff, 3+ Dartford warbler, 2 spotted flycatcher, 2 raven, 6+ linnet, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
9th - Speckled wood butterfly Chiddingfold garden
9th - Red admiral butterfly Grayswood
9th - Hobby Witley Common
10th - Cormorant, 2 sparrowhawk, 6 buzzard, kestrel, 1+ green woodpecker, 7+ meadow pipit, 2 tree pipit, 1-2 grey wagtail, 2 swallow, 13+ stonechat, female immature redstart, ring ouzel 1st winter male, 35+ chiffchaff, willow warbler, 3+ Dartford warbler, 4+ spotted flycatcher, 6+ siskin, raven Black Down
14th – Several soprano pipistrelle and a single Daubenton’s bat feeding over water Shottermill Ponds
16th – Pectoral sandpiper Calidris melanotos (American vagrant visitor)   Click for photo Thursley
16th – Cormorant, 2 red kite, osprey (perhaps looking at fish ponds to west), 3 sparrowhawk, 12+ buzzard, kestrel, hobby, 10+ lessr black-backed gull, 2+ green woodpecker, 10+ meadow pipit, about 15 swallow, 11+ house martin, wheatear, 3+ stonechat, about 10 chiffchaff, 5 Dartford warbler, 2 spotted flycatcher, raven, 2+ linnet, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
17th - Pond skater  Gerris sp.   Click for photo Cutmill Tarn
22nd - Red kite, 4+ sparrowhawk, 20+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, female peregrine, 1+ green woodpecker, grey wagtail, 10+ meadow pipit, 2+ swallow, 30+ house martin, 60+ hirundine spp.- mostly house martins, 12 stonechat, 1-2 song thrush, 4+ blackbird, 20+ chiffchaff, 6 Dartford warbler, 2 raven, 5+ linnet, 5 goldfinch, 3+ bullfinch Black Down
22nd - 3+ red admiral butterflies Black Down
23rd - Similar species and numbers of birds as on 22nd plus hobby, male peregrine, 3 mistle thrush, redstart. Tawny owl heard. Black Down
23rd - Brown long-eared bats seen emerging from garage after droppings found on car roof Killinghurst Lane
24th – Frog found sheltering beneath door  Click for photo Furnace Place
24th – Grey wagtail Haslemere garden
24th – Sparrowhawk, 10+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, hobby, 2+ green woodpecker, lesser spotted woodpecker, 10+ meadow pipit, 430+ house martin, 20+ swallow, woodlark, 6+ stonechat, 3 blackbird, 16+ chiffchaff, 3 willow warbler, 4+ Dartford warbler, 2 raven, 12+ linnet, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
25th – Male common pipistrelle bat cat victim taken into care. (Released 4.10.17) Grayshott
26th – Several mating groups of soprano pipistrelles found in bat boxes Frensham Little Pond
26th – Large ichneumon Rhyssa persuasoria seen laying eggs into hidden sawfly larvae   Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
27th – Lesser redpoll (first this autumn) Witley Common
27th Clifden nonpareil moth in moth trap  Click for photo Witley Common
29th – Several common and soprano pipistrelles, a single noctule pass and one Daubenton’s bat hunting over pond Imbhams Farm
30th - Sparrowhawk, 12 buzzard, 1-2 kestrel, juv female peregrine, 2+ green woodpecker, about 20 meadow pipit, 15+ swallow, about 16 house martin, sand martin, 1-2 singing male woodlark, pied wagtail, 9+ stonechat, 2 male redstart, redwing, blackbird, 6+ chiffchaff, 4+ Dartford warbler, 2 raven, 1+ siskin, 4+ lesser redpoll, about 6 linnet, 5+ bullfinch Black Down
30th - Red admiral butterfly, hornet Black Down



5th -  Large raft spider  Click for photo Witley Common
5th - Little owls, parent and one of two young on fence posts  Click for photo Portsmouth Rd. Milford adjacent to the Refectory car park
6th - Lots of bat activity shortly after dusk - mostly common pipistrelles, with a few serotine and  brown long-eared passes. Also a single Myotis pass, sounding very like a rare Bechstein's bat Petworth Road garden
11th – Badger looking for worms on wet grass Petworth Road garden
12th – Horntail sawfly Urocerus gigas found in greenhouse   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
13th -  3 sparrowhawk, about 13 buzzard, kestrel, green woodpecker, wheatear, 3-5 spotted flycatcher, 4+ Dartford warbler, 2 raven, assorted willow warblers and chiffchaffs, small numbers of swallows and house martins beginning to move south/south east.
Amazing humming from all the bees on the heather!
Black Down
13th -  Silver-washed fritillary butterfly, female, valezina form Frillinghurst Wood
13th -  Lesser skullcap  Scutellaria minor Frillinghurst Wood
16th - Elephant hawkmoth caterpillar hiding up in willow herb   Click for photo   Haslemere garden
18th – Deadly nightshade Atropa belladonna in berry  Click for photo Heyshott Down
18th – Male soprano pipistrelle with three females in bat box. Single bats found in three other boxes.
Frensham Little Pond
18th – Female brown long-eared bat cat victim taken into care. (Released 29th)  Click for photo Witley
19th – Roebuck resting in sunshine  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
20th – Two bat boxes found with clusters of female and juvenile Natterer’s bats (17+ and 15 animals respectively). Click for photo   Single male soprano pipistrelle bats found in two other boxes Wood near Dunsfold
20th – Several sexton beetles of at least two species found on dead juvenile long-eared bats in bat box. One identified as Nicrophorus humator Click for photo
Also large numbers of copper underwing and Svensson's copper underwing moths in deserted bat boxes.
Wood near Dunsfold
20th – Fine group of parasol mushrooms Macrolepiota procera  Click for photo Wood near Dunsfold
21st - Old lady moth Mormo maura found in house Braeside Close
22nd - Hoverfly Volucella zonaria  (3rd record for this year)  Click for photo Witley Common
23rd - Noctule and serotine bat calls detected shortly after dusk Petworth Road garden
24th – Redstart, chiffchaff adult with recently fledged young (a very late breeding record) Witley Common
24th – Hornet nest in rotten pine tree Click for photo Witley Common
25th – Daubenton's bat taken into care after being found exhausted on external wall  Click for photo Oakhanger
26th - Privet hawkmoth caterpillar Sphinx ligustri  Click for photo Hammer Vale
28th - Soprano and common pipistrelles, serotine and Daubenton’s bats feeding around woodland and over River Wey Herons Way, Tilford

JULY 2017


1st - Red soldier beetles (Rhagonycha falva) on Erynigium flowers  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane Garden
2nd - Female kestrel perched in tree  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
3rd – Hummingbird hawk moth hovering at flowers Furnace Place
4th – Purple emperor butterfly fluttering at head height Temple of the Winds
4th - Female silver-washed fritillary butterfly Headley garden
7th Many butterflies seen including -  white admiral , silver-washed fritillary Click for photo, small skipper, speckled wood, ringlet Click for photo, large and small whites,  brimstone,  gatekeeper Click for photo, red admiral, comma, meadow brown, and also large red damselfly  Click for photo Holmens Grove
7th – Reed warbler singing in hawthorn scrub Witley Common
7th & 8th Male 'dark giant horsefly' Tabanus sudeticus - rarely seen in Surrey - found in swimming pool  Click for photo Killinghurst Lane Garden
11th - Rosemary beetle (Chrysolina americana) on lavender  Click for photo Hammer Vale
12th - 400-500 swifts flying over Haslemere garden
12th - Common toad basking in the sun above garden water tank  Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
13th - Hobby Witley Common
13th - Gatekeeper butterfly on strawberry patch Chiddingfold garden
15th – Broad-leaved helleborine  Click for photo Holmens Grove
16th - Small copper butterfly Headley Allotment
19th – About a dozen large Boletus mushrooms appearing suddenly beneath beech tree  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
22nd - Little owl perched on post in paddock Portsmouth Rd. Milford adjacent to the Refectory car park
23rd - Female pheasant in garden with one very young chick Killinghurst Lane garden
24th - Female  blackcap in apple tree eating an apple Killinghurst Lane garden
24th -  Copper underwing moth found trapped in house  Click for photo Petworth Road
26th -  Black arches moth on outside wall  Click for photo Furnace Place
26th -  Broad-leaved helleborines in flower Click for photo Oaken Wood, Chiddingfold Forest

JUNE 2017


Early in month – Red-footed falcon   Frensham Common
1st - Meadow brown and large skipper butterflies Wood near Plaistow
2nd -  Lesser spotted woodpecker Witley Common
2nd -  Painted lady butterfly Witley Common
3rd – Common spotted orchids flowering - in the same spot for the last 30 odd years!  Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
3rd – Snout moth Hypena proboscidalis found indoors  Click for photo Chiddingfold
3rd –  Early pair of mating silver-studded blue butterflies  Click for photo Witley Common
6th – Very early magpie moth Abraxus grossulariata trapped inside garage window   Click for photo   Petworth Road
9th -  Black-tailed skimmer dragonfly (1st of year) Witley Common
11th - Goshawk - stunning views of an adult male flushing and hunting woodpigeons. Also red kite, sparrowhawk, 18+ buzzard, grey wagtail, 2 mm tree pipit, pair woodlark + 2 mm + 1-2 individuals (though no definitively fledged young seen), pair stone chat + 2 mm, Dartford warbler 1 + heard (suggesting fledged young), crossbill Black Down
11th - Golden-ringed dragonfly Black Down
11th - Hobby and raven. Also group of jackdaw, rook, carrion crow and magpie mobbing someting unseen in an alder canopy, presumably a large predator Haslemere garden
11th - About 60 silver-studded blue butterflies (all males) Witley Common
13th - 5+ nightjar (4 churring males) 2 roding woodcock Witley Common
13th - 2 female glowworms Lampyris noctiluca  Click for photo Witley Common
14th – Several nightjars churring and tawny owls calling Black Down
14th – 5 crossbill Witley Common
Mid-month - At least one red kite seen almost every day Chiddingfold just to the North and East of the cricket green
15th – Roe deer with youngster  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
15th – Lots of common pipistrelle activity, plus a few unidentified Myotis bat passes Sparrwood Hanger woodland, Plaistow
17th – 7 dormice found during licensed checking of HNHS boxes  Click for photo Imbhams Farm
17th – Common spotted orchids Click for photo, pyramidal orchids Click for photo, and broomrape Click for photo Noar Hill. Selborne
17th – Cinnabar moth on ragwort   Click for photo Noar Hill. Selborne
17th - Plume moth  Click for photo Killingurst Lane
18th - Very early purple emperor butterfly seen in garden, then flew indoors  Click for photo Plaistow
18th – Badger passing through garden Petworth Road
18th Silver-washed fritillary (2 males)  and ringlet butterflies (firsts for year) Witley Common
19th Week old baby pipistrelle bat found on bedroom floor   Click for photo Hammer
20th – Muntjac   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
20th – Purple emperor butterfly    Click for photo Witley Common
20th – Fresh purple hairstreak butterfly Roundwick Copse, Plaistow
20th –  Purple hairstreak butterfly Hindhead garden
23rd – Purple emperor butterfly trapped in house   Click for photo Furnace Place
23rd Tormentil mining bee Andrena tarsata (rare in Surrey) Witley Common
25th - Red kite flying low over garden  Hindhead
26th Hoverfly Volucella zonaria  (first for Witley Common)   Click for photo Witley Common
29th – Badger passing through garden Petworth Road


MAY 2017


First few weeks - Bumble bees nesting in a former blue tits’ nest box   Click for photo Burnt Hill Road, Bourne Valley
1st - Pair of mistle thrushes have managed to fledge a single offspring despite constant battles with a pair of magpies who also have young, but not out of the nest yet Killinghurst Lane garden
1st - 3+ buzzard, hobby, 6 firecrest Inval, Gibbet Hill and Hindhead Common
1st - 2-3 tree pipit, male redstart, Dartford warbler 1 m + food + f heard - so nest with young close by Hindhead Common
1st - Willow warbler, small flock of 6 crossbill Black Down
2nd -  Singing male lesser whitethroat (first record since 1999!)
Also male cuckoo singing
Witley Common
5th – Cuckoo calling Hedgehog Lane
6th – Cuckoo calling Foot of Haste Hill
7th - Brimstone moth sleeping by doorbell  Click for photo Furnace Place
8th - Turtle dove seen and heard Holdfast Lane
9th – Speckled wood butterfly on a creeping buttercup Chiddingfold garden
10th - Reed bunting, goldfinches, grey heron, 4+ whitethroats, house martin, swallow, crows, jay, mallard, robin, 3 Dartford warblers, 4 stonechats, 3 tree pipit, willow warbler Click for photo, redstart, great tit, Canada geese, tufted ducks, blackbird, linnet, 3 hobbies including 2 displaying/competing, cuckoo, goldcrest, green woodpecker. skylark, wren, kestrel, sparrowhawk, 6+ buzzard, woodlark Thursley Common
10th - Bog cotton Eriophorum angustifolium   Click for photo Thursley Common
10th - Sand lizard Witley Common
10th - Green hairstreak & small heath butterflies (firsts for year) Witley Common
11th - Small tortoiseshell butterfly on a loganberry leaf in the sun Chiddingfold garden
13th - Raven Witley Common
13th - Good views of some of a flock of 18 crossbills Thursley
14th - Nightingale Black Down
14th - Grizzled skipper butterfly Witley Common
15th - A field full of speedwell and buttercups   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
15th - Wasp beetle Clytus arietis found in sitting room   Click for photo Chiddingfold
16th - Star of  Bethlehem flowers opening in sunshine for a week or so   Click for photo Chiddingfold garden
16th - Vixen suckling three cubs simultaneously at dusk Petworth Road garden
16th - A single hobby Parkland above Woolbeding Lake
19th - Green carpet moth Click for photo and least carpet moth Click for photo Chiddingfold
20th - Allium flowers full of sleepy bumble bees this evening, counted about two dozen.  Experienced foragers stay out at night if they have found a good nectar source, they use up precious energy flying back to the nest. Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
21st - A single lapwing in flight Above Furnace Place garden
22nd - Five playful fox cubs joined by both parents  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
22nd - 3 woodcock and plenty of nightjar churring but only saw two in the air Black Down
Red admiral butterfly Chiddingfold garden
24th -  Holly blue butterfly Headley garden
25th – Poplar hawk moth resting indoors  Click for photo Milford
26th - Adder Black Down, above Cotchet Farm valley
26th - 2 red kite, about 15 buzzard, male hobby, 2 woodcock, tawny owl m&f, 5 churring male nightjar+ 3 (1 definite female), 3 male tree pipit, pair woodlark, 2 male restart, male Dartford warbler, Black Down
26th - Male firecrest Haste Hill
28th -  Nightjar churring between 7am and 9am!
Also 3 garden warbler, 3/4 whitethroat, 3 willow warbler, 4+ chiffchaff, 2 male woodlark, 2 tree pipit, redstart, cuckoo, 10+ crossbill incl. youngsters, about 8 siskin, 10+ linnet, 3 male & 2 female stonechat, swallow, 2 buzzard, 4 great black backed gull to south
Black Down
28th - 2 raven, red kite, 3 sparrowhawk, repergrine, 2 hobby, skylark, firecrest, turtle dove Fernhurst
28th - 5+ red kite, about 20 buzzard, 2 sparrowhawk, kestrel, cuckoo, 3 grey wagtail, garden warbler, lots of whitethroat, 5+ firecrest, 2+ bullfinch, 3+ yellowhammer Between White's Lane and the west side of Woolbeding
28th – 2+ hobbies chasing dragonflies over Pudmore Ponds, 4 Drtford warbler, inc 1 in display flight west side, 3 tree pipit, cuckoo, 8 stonechat, 8 redstart Thursley
28th – Roe buck relaxing in quiet corner of garden then browsing ferns  Click for photo Petworth Road
30th - Very dark grass snake, approximately 2.5 ft in length Garden near Midhurst
31st - Rare Brandt's bat found during woodland survey Wood near Dunsfold

APRIL 2017


Early in month - Black adder Black Down
Early in month - Red-legged partridges having an almighty fight on Killinghurst Lane. Chased off after car had to be stopped to avoid squashing them. Killinghurst Lane
Early in month - Purple toothwort Lathraea clandestina - an uncommon non-native leafless plant that parasitizes roots of willows.  Click for photo (taken 17th April) Hammer Vale
2nd – Orange tip butterfly Chiddingfold garden
2nd – Tree pipit Witley Common
2nd – Speckled wood and holly blue butterflies Witley Common
2nd – Three adders Witley Common
2nd – 2 Swallows Garden near Plaistow
2nd – Grass snake (very small) under felt cover Plaistow garden
3rd - House martin Near Plaistow
3rd and 4th - Swallows returning, seen and heard. Also skylarks. Farm near Milland
5th – Raven Witley Common
6th – Three badgers foraging together on grass in the dark Petworth Road garden
7th – Mistle thrush, willow warblers, blue & great tits, robins, chiffchaffs, wren, jackdaws. dunnock, chaffinches, crows, green woodpecker, woodlarks, Dartford warblers (4), long tailed tit, jay, stonechats, buzzard, redstarts, and heard great spotted woodpecker, redpolls, goldfinches, nuthatch and curlew. Thursley Common
7th – Speckled wood butterflies. Thursley Common
8th - 5 red kite, 5+ sparrowhawk, about 20 buzzard, 1+ male kestrel, 2+ green woodpecker, 5 tree pipit territories, 5 woodlark territories, swallow, male stonechat, male wheatear, 1+ blackcap, willow warbler, several chiffchaff, 2 male Dartford warblers, 6+ linnet, 2 greenfinch Black Down
8th - Firecrest and blackcap Haslemere garden
9th - Swallow. Also yellowhammer. Over Lower Farm, Black Down
9th - Skylark Black Down
10th – Cuckoo seen and heard Thursley Common
11th - Female orange tip butterfly resting on bubble wrap by greenhouse window  Click for photo Church Road, Milford
11th - One swallow flying north Over Enton Allotments, Witley
11th - Two raven Witley Common
12th - Cuckoo Near Plaistow
12th - Cuckoo heard calling and seen in flight. 5 lapwings, sparrow hawk, tree creeper, stonechat Click for photo, Dartford warblers, redstart ( m ), many chiffchaffs, reed bunting, blackcap, willow warblers and curlew heard Thursley Common
13th - Cuckoo moving south to north, and later calling near the reservoir area Black Down
13th -  5 nightingales singing (one seen) and cuckoo calling Chiddingfold Forest 
13th -  Pair of bullfinch eating buds on copper beech. Cuckoo calling. Furnace Place
13th -  Stunning display of bluebells Imbhams Farm
13th -  Skylark displaying and calling, then plummeting to earth as a buzzard flew past. Two Canada geese on pond. Also heron, two coots and a moorhen.
Later a squabble involving three goldcrests.
Imbhams Farm
15th -  Female lesser spotted woodpecker, male nightingale singing Witley Common
15th -  5+ red kite, 4 sparrowhawk, about 40 buzzard, 2 kestrel, cuckoo, 4 wood lark - 2 singing, 3 singing tree pipit, 10+ swallow, 2 stonechat, 4 firecrest, 1-2 raven18+ crossbill including at least 1 juvenile. male brambling, 6 linnet, plenty of chiffchaff and willow warblers, skylark singing, Dartford warbler Black Down
15th -  Cuckoo, swallow, yellowhammer Valewood
16th -  2 red kite, 4 sparrowhawk, 25+ buzzard, kestrel pair displaying, cuckoo, woodlark, lots of swallow, 4 house martin, 7 singing male firecrest, 2 singing males and a pair of yellowhammer, 2 skylark, 2 mandarin, 4 mallard, grey wagtail, 2 crossbill, about 5 blackcap, about 8 chiffchaff, willow warbler Between Fernhurst and Woolbeding
16th -  Kestrel Valewood
17th -  Male and female goldcrests photographed through a window in which they were displaying in response to their own reflections!  Click for photo Hammer Vale
18th -  Singing male garden warbler, raven Witley Common
20th - St Mark's Fly Bibio marci   (1st of year)  Click for photo Witley Common
20th - Two male redstart singing Witley Common
22nd - Singing male yellowhammer, about 10 buzzard, sparrowhawk, perched male cuckoo, 2 singing male woodlark, at least 5 tree pipit, singing Dartford warbler, singing male whitethroat, wheatear, singing male redstart, 2 singing male stonechat, raven, about 20 common crossbill Black Down
23rd - Pair of hobbies soaring at the south end, plus another towards the north. Also garden warbler and yellowhammer singing to the west Black Down
23rd - 1 singing male whitethroat Witley Common
23rd - Wood white butterfly Tugley Wood
25th - Male bullfinch eating dandelion clock Hindhead garden
26th - Nightingale singing  Click for photo Chiddingfold Forest
26th -  Early purple orchid (Orchis mascula) Click for photo, Midland hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) Click for photo, yellow pimpernel (Lysmachia nemorum) Click for photo Tugley Wood
27th -   3 singing male nightingales Witley Common
27th - Oak apple gall (approx. 4 cms. diameter ). Caused by gall wasp (Biorhiza pallida) laying eggs in oak leaf bud.Click for photo Wey- Arun canal footpath
29th - Redstarts, tree pippit, willow warblers, Dartford warbler, reed buntings (3), curlew, coal tit, great tit, wren, goldfinch, swallow, Canada and greylag geese and more! Heard cuckoo, woodlark, woodcock and chiff chaff! Thursley Common
29th – Female ring ouzel, 5 crossbill, tawny owl (in broad daylight on the heath), 7 singing male garden warblers, 4 singing male whitethroat Witley Common
2 red kite, 2 sparrowhawk, 25+ buzzard, hobby, female peregrine, wood lark pair + 1-2  - both probably feeding young; + 1 singing male, 5 tree pipit, male stonechat, 2 garden warbler, raven, 15+ common crossbill, male yellowhammer Black Down
29th – Firecrest Haste Hill
29th – Firecrest Pine View Lane
29th – Firecrest Haslemere
29th – Four tiny fox cubs playing together in darkness with their mother  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
30th – Red kite, 2 sparrowhawk, 12+ buzzard, tree pipit, garden warbler, 1+ whitethroat, 5-6 firecrest Between Fernhurst and Woolbeding
30th – Kestrel Fernhurst car park
30th – 3 yellowhammer E of Lower North Park Farm
30th – Cuckoo heard Hedgehog Lane
Late in month - Blue tit badly affected by avian pox  Click for photo Garden near Plaistow

MARCH 2017


Early in month - Great crested newt found dead on path Click for photo Reeth, near Fernden Lane
Early in month - Pair of crossbills drinking from tree hole  Click for photo Black Down
Early in month - Palmate and smooth newts of both sexes returned to two different sites as well as overwintered efts seen. Frogspawn have now hatched so tadpoles abound. Farm near Milland
4th - A pair of kestrels Over Black Down
5th - Blue tit stunned after flying into window. Flew off apparently unharmed. Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
6th - Pair of hawfiches - possibly more, but seen only fleetingly Bottom of Devil's Punchbowl
6th - Muntjac Between Lickfold and Lodsworth Common
7th - Lesser spotted woodpecker (1 male) Witley Common
7th - Male and female roe deer resting together on grass  Petworth Road garden
7th - Red admiral butterfly nectaring on Mahonia Petworth Road garden
8th – Brimstone and peacock butterflies Chiddingfold
8th – Long-tailed tits Chiddingfold
8th – Red kite Over Frith Wood outside Northchapel
9th – Peacock butterfly   Plaistow garden
9th - Numerous  brimstone butterflies Devil’s Punchbowl
9th – Brimstone butterfly    Haslemere garden
9th - First butterflies of the season today including this comma   Click for photo Bramshott Chase
9th - Large badger foraging at night Petworth Road garden
11th - 3 male chiffchaff, 3 firecrest (present all winter), crossbill (present since 2/1, singing 7th March), raven, woodcock, pair of stonechat (present since 21/2), pair of Dartford warbler, pair of woodlark Witley Common
11th - Red admiral, brimstone and comma butterflies Witley Common
11th - Pipistrelle bat on the wing Petworth Road garden
13th -  Comma butterfly landed on my arm this morning and almost in my tea!    Chiddingfold garden
14th - 5 buzzards  and 1 red kite soaring above the garden together in a sort of group. Killinghurst Lane garden
19th - A male and female siskin on the niger seeds together Furnace Place garden
20th - Stoat on woodland edge and a skylark singing high over a field Killinghurst Lane
21st - Lesser spotted woodpecker - male drumming. Also heard on 25th, 27th. Witley Common
25th - Sparrowhawk eating a red-legged partridge Killinghurst Lane garden
25th - One male and seven female pheasants on the lawn. Also two lapwings flying over the garden calling. Furnace Place garden
25th - 14 singing male chiffchaffs Witley Common
26th - Male and female greater spotted woodpeckers on the peanuts - together Furnace Place garden
26th - Chiffchaff calling Bramshott
27th Woodcock. Also singing male blackcap (earliest record for Witley: previous earliest 29-3-14) Witley Common
27th – Small tortoiseshell butterfly Witley Common
27th – Holly blue butterfly  Very bright blue. Flying high around very tall laurel and holly. Chiddingfold garden
27th - Lesser spotted woodpecker calling and drumming on a dead oak branch stub Witley Common
29th - Chiffchaff Headley Down Nature Reserve
29th - Dead vixen, possibly pregnant Field off Chase Lane
29th - Holly blue butterfly Garden near Plaistow
30th -  Willow warbler 1 singing male, 40 lesser redpoll Witley Common
30th -  Male and female bullfinch on feeder    Click for photo Garden in Church Road, Milford



1st – Red kite Over Church Road, Fernhurst
3rd - Flock of siskins, redwings, bullfinches male & female, blue tit, long tailed tits, robins, wren, buzzard, red kite, grey heron, cormorant, tufted  & mallard ducks, two Egyptian geese,great crested grebes, Two female goosanders. Puttenham Common, Tarn and Long Ponds
3rd - Yellow brain fungus Tremella mesenterica Click for photo, witches butter fungus Exidia glandulosa Click for photo,and jelly ear fungus Auricularia judae Click for photo Puttenham Common
3rd - One male & five female goosanders Click for photo, Two pochard, several  mandarin, tufted & mallard ducks Cutmill Pond
5th - 123 noctule bats in hibernation – a new record! Also a single long-eared bat Thursley NNR
7th - Buzzard circling above gardens Critchmere Vale, Haslemere
Early in month - 2 kestrels Valewood
8th - Male and female bullfinch checking for buds on an ornamental cherry tree Furnace Place garden
8th - Goldcrests, Dartford warbler, goldfinches, meadow pipits, song thrush, blackbird, chaffinch, crows, blue tit, magpie, coal tits, long tailed tits, reed bunting ( m. & f. ) , dunnock, jackdaws, mallards and a  tufted duck. Heard – robin, wren, woodlarks. Also seen a  pair roe deer ( m. & f. ) Thursley Common
11th - Carrion crow sliding along on its tummy in the snow, perhaps trying to groom off parasites Petworth Road garden
11th - Red kite flying quite low over fields Near Fisherstreet crossroads, south of Chiddingfold
12th - Brambling, a few crossbills and a couple of stonechats Cotchet Valley, Black down
13th - Two very smart male goosanders (also reported on 11th) Imbhams Farm pond
13th - One or two red kites South of Fernhurst
14th - Three long-eared and three Natterer's bats Click for photo in hibernation Midhurst hibernaculum
17th - Male and female teal Pond at Imbhams Farm
17th - Red admiral butterfly Plaistow garden
18th - Raven over fields (had a no.of missing wing feathers)   Off Chase Lane
18th - 5 teal, male goosander, 1-2 red kite, 5+ sparrowhawk, 20+ buzzard, kestrel, grey wagtail, wood lark pair in stubble field, raven, female yellowhammer, skylark, tawny owl heard Imbhams Farm
18th -  13+ buzzard, 3 male stonechat, pair Dartford warbler, 4-5 crossbill, 1-2 singing wood lark, Black Down
20th – Hibernating dormouse found during hedge laying work    Click for photo Collards Lane
20th – Badly injured common pipistrelle bat brought in by cat - taken into care Hindhead
21st – One long-eared and one Myotis sp. bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
25th – Red kite apparently squabbling with vociferous guineafowl. Flew off - both unharmed. Killinghurst Lane garden
Late February - Badgers carrying young from sett  Click for video Imbhams Farm
28th – First lovely plump bumble bee queen of 2017 on Hellebores Furnace Place garden



Mid Dec to mid Jan - Fieldfares and redwings on cotoneaster Hindhead garden
January - Two separate visits by blackcap    Whitehill garden
January - 2 goldcrests in hedge Conford, Liphook
2nd - Little egret Stream near Imbhams Farm
2nd - Pair of Dartford warbler, 2 firecrest (present since 28/9/16), crossbill Witley Common
6th - Several coal tits, Dartford warbler, reed bunting, mistle thrush, goldcrest, blue tits, wren, redwings goldfinches,carrion crow Hankley Common
6th - Lichen (Cladonia impexa Click for photo
Oak moss lichen (Evernia prunastri )
  Click for photo
Hankley Common
6th - Hibernating bats: 6 Natterer's, 2 Daubenton's and one unidentified Busbridge
7th - Tree creeper, insect hunting on Douglas fir Killinghurst Lane garden
7th - Woodcock Witley Common
11th - 3 firecrest, 55 lesser redpoll Witley Common
11th - 2 little egrets   Click for photo Radford Park, Liphook
12th - Blackcap feeding at bird table Bourne valley, Farnham
13th - Fox and vixen foraging in snow in between a few desultory attempts at mating  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
14th - Flock of 6 goldfinch regularly feeding on sunflower seeds Garden in Church Road, Milford
14th - 6 to 8 raven, up to 20 crossbill Black Down
Mid-month - Several redpoll gathering daily Swan Barn Farm
16th - Male brambling Haslemere garden
16th - Small numbers of brambling Black Down
17th - 2 long-eared bats, 2 Natterer's, 2 Daubenton's and a single small Myotis bat Midhurst hibernaculum
17th - 2 adult great black-backed gulls in flight SW of Woolbeding Common
17th - Brown long-eared bat found on outside wall in sub-zero temperatures   Click for photo  (Released 27th March) Winkworth Arboretum
18th - Goosander Imbhams Farm pond
18th - One or two peregrine falcons SE of Fernhurst
18th - Little egret in flight South of Fernhurst
18th & 19th - Red kite SE of Fernhurst
19th - Dartford warbler. Also raven heard. Boarden Door, Black Down
19th - Woodlark singing over stubble field SE of Fernhurst
19th - Fieldfare in frosty garden   Click for photo Church Rd. Milford
24th – Long-eared, small Myotis, and a single unidentified bat hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
24th – 2 Natterer’s bats hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
24th Little egret sitting in tree looking down into pool Critchmere Lane
24th – 3 brown hairstreak butterfly eggs on blackthorn Haslemere
26th – Mistle thrush, the first seen here for some years Petworth Road garden
26th – Lapwing in field. The first seen here for a few years Prestwick Manor Farm, Chiddingfold
28th – Siskin and goldfinch on niger seeds Furnace Place garden
28th – Rabbit, fox and badger Click for photo Furnace Place garden
30thThrush singing loudly (temp 8 degrees C)      Plaistow garden



4th - 30 to 40 pochard, some on the water, some in flight, lots of redwing gobbling up holly berries, plenty of great crested grebes including one passing a fish to another Frensham Great Pond
4th - Kingfisher, also two pairs of shoveller along reed edges Frensham Little Pond
8th - Large badger foraging over lawn Petworth Road garden
11th - At least one Dartford warbler seen Ludshott Common
14th - Large fox chasing smaller young interloper off territory after extraordinary game of hide and seek in the lavender bushes Furnace Place garden
14th - 2 buzzard, 3+ stonechat, about 4 Dartford warbler, 25+ brambling, 1+ lesser redpoll, 4+ linnet, 1+ common crossbill Black Down
14th - Cormorant on HNHS tern raft   Click for photo Frensham Little Pond
14th - Three long-eared bats and a single Natterer's bat in hibernation Midhurst hibernacula
20th - One long-eared bat and two unidentified bats (probably long-eared) hibernating in NT bat barn. Also several hibernating butterflies and herald moths. Chase Lane
End of month - small groups of goosander appearing infrequently Imbhams Farm pond



Throughout month - good numbers of starlings and house sparrows Farm near Milland
4th - False death cap Amanita citrina   Click for photo Milford Common
5th - Red kite being mobbed by crows Over Killinghurst Lane garden
5th - 2 firecrest Witley Common
7th -  Several red legged partridge at bird feeder   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
9th - 20+ fieldfares flying over , 12+ tufted duck, 2 parties goldcrest 10+ & 4+,  cormorants,  2 pairs great crested grebes,  grey heron,  2 flocks of starlings, pair mute swans,   black headed gulls,  & a jay feeding on fallen acorns Frensham Little Pond
11th - 3 sparrowhawk, 13 buzzard, kestrel, grey wagtail, stonechat heard, 20+ redwing, 50+ fieldfare, 2+ blackbird, 4 Dartford warbler (inc. 1 singing male), 1+ linnet, 2+ bullfinch, 10+ lesser redpoll, 2+ common crossbill Black Down
11th - 3 song thrush Haslemere
11th - Firecrest, 2 male Dartford warblers singing, male stonechat, 120 lesser redpoll Witley Common
13th - Red kite, sparrowhawk, 5-7 buzzard, kestrel, 20+ redwing, 100+ fieldfare, 2+ mistle thrush, 3 Dartford warbler  (inc. 1 singing male), 2 raven, about 15 lesser redpoll, 5+ bullfinch, 1+ common crossbill Black Down
Mid month - Badger tackled an underground wasp nest and devastated it   Click for photo Furnace Place
22nd - Red admiral butterfly sunning itself Killinghurst Lane garden
26th -  A few redwings, a fieldfare and the odd stonechat and Dartford warbler Black Down
26th -  2 mute swans and their 6 cygnets Click for photo, 1 pair great crested grebes, grey heron, cormorant , 6 tufted ducks,  coots, many mallards & black headed gulls The Tarn, Cutt Mill
26th -  2 pairs of shoveler ducks Anas clypeata Cutt Mill pond
27th - Male goshawk mobbed by carrion crows and buzzards Temple of the Winds, Black Down
27th - Two ravens and a chiffchaff Black Down
28th - Three Dartford warblers, buzzard, stonechat and a woodcock (a few seen here most days recently) Black Down



1st - 20+ buzzard, sparrowhawk, 2 raven, , 10+ swallow, about 20 house martins, probable sand martin, very dark, medium/large skua heading south ,probably a pomarine Black Down
2nd - 2-3 ring ouzel, juvenile marsh harrier, sparrowhawk, 15+ buzzard, kestrel, 8 large gulls, 8 herring gull, adult great black backed gull, 2+ green woodpecker, about 30 meadow pipit, 30+ swallow, pied wagtail, blackcap calling, 20+ chiffchaff, 2+ Dartford warbler, 5+ stonechat, juv wheatear, 1+ mistle thrush, 2 raven, 2+ linnet, 5+ siskin, 1+ redpoll calling, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
6th - Kingfisher calling briefly at garden pond Fernhurst
6th - Flock of redwing Black Down
7th - About 30 ring ouzels Cotchet Valley, Black Down
7th - 15+ meadow pipit, about 20 house martin, 2 stonechat, 6+ chiffchaff, blackcap, Dartford warbler, 12+ song thrush, 5+ blackbird, 350+ redwing, 1+ fieldfare, 2+ brambling, 50+ siskin, 2+ redpoll, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
7th - 80 redwing, lesser redpoll, 2 swallow, 12 chiffchaff Witley Common
8th - At least 40 ring ouzels - 22 in one tree! Black Down
8th - 300+ redwing,3 fieldfare, 4 mistle thrush, 12 song thrush, 2 brambling, 50+ siskin, 3 lesser redpoll, woodlark, 20+ meadow pipit, 5 stonechat, 2 Dartford warbler, 25+ chiffchaff Black Down
8th - Large flock of crossbills Tennyson’s lane car park, Black Down
8th - Ring ouzel on bird bath   Click for photo Liphook garden
8th - Wood lark flying over Fernhurst garden
9th - Great grey shrike reported Black Down
9th - 3 ring ouzel, 25 fieldfare, brambling Devil's Punch Bowl
10th - Tawny owl perched on bird table watching for small mammals in grass Petworth Road garden
10th - 24 redwing, firecrest, grey wagtail, 10 chiffchaff, Dartford warbler Witley Common
12th - 5 bearded tits on rushes Tices Meadow, Badshot Lea
13th - Two Egyptian geese Witley Common
mid month - Woodlark foraging on ground Devil's Punch Bowl
15th - 30 fieldfare, 4 chiffchaff, 12 lesser redpoll Witley Common
15th - 10+ buzzard, 3+ kestrel, lesser black backed gull, 15+ meadow pipit, 2 stonechat, 160+ redwing, 150+ fieldfare, 12+ ring ouzel, 7+ chiffchaff, 1-2 Dartford warbler incl a singing male, 2 raven, 4 redpoll, 10 common crossbill Black Down
16th - 8+ ring ouzel Cotchet Farm Valley, Black Down
16th - 5+ buzzard, 1+ kestrel, green woodpecker, 4 hirundine sp, 100+ redwing, 15 fieldfare, 10+ lesser redpoll, 1++ common crossbill Black Down
18th - Goldcrest freed after becoming trapped in greenhouse   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
19th - Two Egyptian geese, firecrest, chiffchaff, Dartford warbler Witley Common
21st – Badger foraging in garden Petworth Road garden
21st – Large toad Garden at Plaistow
22nd - Male yellow-necked mouse found in dormouse box Imbhams Farm
22nd - Snipe Valewood Park
23rd - 2 sparrowhawk, 8+ buzzard, kestrel, 13 black-headed gull, herring gull, 10+ meadow pipit, 3+ skylark, woodlark, 4 stonechat, 2+ song thrush, 5+ blackbird, 120+ redwing, 150+ fieldfare, 7+ mistle thrush, ring ouzel, 4 Dartford warbler, 2+ brambling, linnet, about 100 lesser redpoll, siskin, 2+ bullfinch, hawfinch Black Down
26th -   Chiffchaff, firecrest, 70 lesser redpoll Witley Common
29th - Male dartford warbler, firecrest, 50 lesser redpoll Witley Common
29th - Buzzard, kestrel, 5+ meadow pipit, 2+ stonechat, 200+ redwing, 300+fieldfare, 2+ mistle thrush, Dartford warbler, 1+ brambling, about 100 lesser redpoll, 1+ siskin, 5+ bullfinch, 1+ crossbill Black Down
29th - 33+ skylark, 5+ meadow pipit, 20+ redwing, 1+ bullfinch, Witley Farm



7th - Common and soprano pipistrelles, and single serotine and noctule bats Swan Barn Farm valley
11th - Osprey flying south Over town and Black Down
11th - About 25 buzzard, 2 sparrowhawk, 3 kestrel, 6 lesser black backed gull, 2+ green woodpecker, 1+ meadowpipit, 2 tree pipit, 12+ swallow, 125+ house martin with a single sand martin, 4 stonechat, redstart, 3 adult and 2 immature wheatear, 75+ chiffchaff flocks with long-tailed tits and goldcrests, Dartford warbler, 6 goldfinch, 6 linnet, blackcap, whitethroat, 4+ willow warbler Black Down
11th - Wheatear Near Lythe Hill
11th – Roe deer with two slightly dappled young in attendance browsing off bramble shoots   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
12th – Sub-adult brown long-eared bat found grounded and very underweight   Click for photo Swan Inn
12th - 6+ buzzard, kestrel, adult hobby, adult lesser black backed gull, probable golden plover, 2+ green woodpecker, pipit sp, 31+ house martin, 15+ swallow, pied wagtail, 4 stonechat, 32+ chiffchaff, 1+ willow warbler, whitethroat, 2 blackcap, 3+ Dartford warbler, 5 spotted flycatcher, 2 song thrush, 1+ blackbird, 10 mistle thrush feeding on rowans, 2 raven, 5+ linnet, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
12th - Grey wagtail Haslemere
12th - Old lady moth Moro maura on shady window above porch front door in daytime   Click for photo Chiddingfold
Several black darter Click for photo and a few southern hawker dragonflies on wing Black Down
17th – 19 soprano pipistrelles found in 8 different bat boxes. Also Bombus hypnorum bumblebee nests in three containing old bird nests Frensham Little Pond
23rd – Rare Nathusius’ pipistrelle bats detected amongst common and soprano species overhead. Also several Daubenton’s bats over pond Imbhams Farm
24th - Small copper butterfly Killinghurst Lane garden
28th - Two firecrest, Dartford warbler male singing, about 40 chiffchaff Witley  Common
29th & 30th - Dormouse seen in hedge Pine View Close
1 juvenile/1st winter male goshawk. Much corvid and woodpigeon panic.
Also 6+ sparrowhawk, 12+ buzzard, green woodpecker, 2 woodlark, 30+ meadow pipit, 10+ swallow, 25+ house martin, 7+ stonechat, 20ish chiffchaff, 5+ Dartford warbler incl 2 singing males, 2 raven, 5+ siskin, 2+ bullfinch, 1+ crossbill
Black Down
30th - Woodlark, heard but not seen Older Hill, Redford



3rd - Juvenile common pipistrelle bat found grounded Dunsfold
3rd - Juvenile heron fishing in garden pond   Click for photo Durfold Wood, Plaistow
4th - Badger road casualty Petworth Road near Haste Hill
5th - Pair of roe deer browsing   Click for photo Petworth Road garden
6th - Grass snake swimming by bank edge in River Wey, also a roe deer, a slow worm found under a tin, and marsh woundwort Salvia palustris    Click for photo Thundry Meadow Reserve
7th – Grounded juvenile common pipistrelle bat rescued. Released 18.8.16 Easebourne
7th – 15 Natterer's bats and a few soprano pipistrelles found in bat boxes Thundry Meadows
7th – Southern hawker dragonfly   Click for photo Tugley Wood
8th – Very weak juvenile whiskered bat found trapped in house   Click for photo Furnace Place
9th – Juvenile common pipistrelle fell down chimney into dormant woodburner. Cleaned up and released after a couple of days. Loxwood
10th – Two honey buzzards heading north from Haste Hill (possibly the first ever sighting here) Swan Barn Farm
11th – Very rare juvenile Bechstein's bat found grounded and underweight.   Click for photo  (Released 22.8.16) Rudgewick
13th – Two foxes fighting viciously until disturbed Petworth Road garden
18th – Roe deer and dappled youngster browsing bramble shoots Petworth Road garden
21st - Sexton beetle Nicrophorus sp. carrying characteristic phoretic mites. When released, flew off swiftly    Click for photo Milford
21st - Swift, 2 redstart Black Down
21st - 26 bats found in bat box checks, including 20 Natterer's in a single box Wood near Dunsfold
22nd - Osprey, 2 honey buzzard, 15+ buzzard, kestrel, hobby (probably juvenile), male peregrine, 2 large black backed gull, about 20 swallow, 3 house martin, 6+ chiffchaff, willow warbler, whitethroat, 2-3 Dartford warblers, 2 redstart, spotted flycatcher, stonechat, 3+ raven, 4+ linnet Black Down
24th – Two great tits anting on lawn Petworth Road garden
24th – Clouded yellow butterfly    Click for photo Witley Common
25th - Clouded yellow butterfly Plaistow garden
25th – Large numbers of soprano and common pipistrelle bats, and good displays by noctules and Daubenton’s. Also a single serotine pass late in the evening Frensham Little Pond
26th - 15+ buzzard,2 kestrel, 2 hobby, 3+ tree pipit, 6+ house martin, 15+ swallow, 10+ hirundine spp, 2 redstart, 7+ spotted flycatcher, 20+ chiffchaff, 2+ willow warbler, 2 Dartford warbler, 2-3-raven, 2+ linnet, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
27th - 12+ buzzard, 1-2 kestrel plus a juvenile with jesses(!), lesser black backed gull parties of 3, 7 and 5, at least one whimbrel calling overhead, 2+ green woodpecker, 160+ hirundine spp about 80% house martin, 20% swallow, 2 tree pipit, pied wagtail, 2+ stonechat, redstart, 8+ spotted flycatcher, 21+ chiffchaff, whitethroat, 7+ linnet 3+ bullfinch Black Down
27th - Adult dormouse in one of the boxes provided by HNHS Imbhams Farm
28th - Two baby pigeons sitting in a fairly exposed nest in wisteria   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
28th – Large numbers of pipistrelle bats and Daubenton’s bats. Also a noctule and serotine bat detected overhead. Imbhams Farm
29th – Red kite, male honey buzzard, 20 buzzard, 4 sparrowhawk, 1+ kestrel, 1-2 hobby, 11 lesser black backed gull, up to 5 tree pipit, grey wagtail, 90+ swallow, house martin, stonechat, redstart, 30+ chiffchaff, 3+ willow warbler, 2+ blackcap, garden warbler, 4+ Dartford warbler, 2 firecrest, 5+ spotted flycatcher, 1+ treecreeper, 2 raven, 3+ linnet, 2 siskin, 6+ bulfinch Black Down
29th – Immature female merlin - an early date for a very rare bird around here! Black Down
30th – Northern wheatear (female) Black Down

JULY 2016


2 weeks to 4th - Black fox visiting garden regularly   Click for photo Wormley
 Four baby soprano pipistrelles found beneath roost. Three returned and one taken into care   Click for photo (Householder later reported over 30 more babies returned to roost!) Whitmore Vale
4th - Very dusty hornet found trapped in house. Flew off strongly when released   Click for photo Petworth Road
6th - Four red kites circling Over Chiddingfold
7th - Male purple emperor butterfly   Click for photo Tugley Wood
8th - Swallow-tailed moth Ourapteryx sambucaria   Click for photo House in Killinghurst Lane
12th - Male sparrowhawk roosting overnight in barn and expressing great interest in twitterings from a nearby birds nest Haslemere farm
mid-month - Several purple hairstreak butterflies seen in oak canopy. Also second brood of holly blues on wing. Swan Barn Farm
16th - Whilst sitting, talking, on our patio, a grass snake was attempting to eat a toad, not a yard behind us Inval
17th - Juvenile female pipistrelle bat cat victim found in shower tray Witley
18th - Badly injured juvenile female pipistrelle bat found grounded Milland
21st - Dehydrated juvenile female pipistrelle bat found dead on house wall Chase Lane
21st - About 12 swifts flying around Headley
21st - Purple hairstreak butterfly  Click for photo Witley Common
23rd - Juvenile grass snake approx 45 cms long  Click for photo Shottermill garden
25th - Hummingbird hawk moth   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
28th - The prince mushroom Agaricus augustus growing beside my drive under a 60ft Macrocarpa conifer   Click for photo Grayshott garden
30th - Hedgehog Fernhurst garden
31st - Juvenile bullfinch being fed by parent - possibly a second brood? Petworth Road garden

JUNE 2016


Early in month - Three red kites Over Furnace Place
1st - Two fox cubs playing Petworth Road garden
4th - Restart pair visiting nest with food, white-legged damselfly, honey bee swarm Click for photo, weevil Curculio venosus  Click for photo Witley Common
5th - Two painted lady butterflies Plaistow
5th - Painted lady butterfly and two beautiful demoiselles Calopteryx virgo Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
5th - Female broad bodied chaser   Click for photo Tugley Wood
6th - Reed warbler singing in birch scrub on heath (this may sound unusual, being a long way from any reed beds, but there have been several previous records of singing males here in late May/early June, usually only staying one day). Witley Common
Week of 6th - Coal, blue and great tit young families, also four young nuthatch and three very fluffy and noisy baby wrens.  Also a bullfinch feeding a baby, a pair of wagtails busy on the lawn and goldfinches visiting to collect forget-me-not seeds Furnace Place garden
7th - Banded demoiselle    Click for photo Thundry Meadow
7th - Serotine bat in flight Petworth Road garden
9th - Nightjars churring. At least two, possibly four Black Down
10th - Turtle dove heard purring Wood near Plaistow
10th - Large skipper butterfly Wood near Plaistow
11th - 3+ red kite, 15+ buzzard, sparrowhawk, kestrel, hobby, tawny owl calling (at 12:30pm!), 3+ tree pipit including one carrying food, 2 singing male woodlark, 2 singing male redstart, 1-2 bullfinch Black Down
11th - Two firecrest End of Chase Lane
12th - Adult male peregrine falcon West of Fernhurst
15th - At least six churring male nightjars and at least three roding woodcock Black Down
18th - Male silver-studded blue butterfly (first of year)   Click for photo Witley Common
18th - Lesser spotted woodpecker, crossbill Witley Common
18th -  Two Mediterranean gulls flying E to W South of Black Down
18th - 5 red kite. Also a lapwing. West of Fernhurst
19th – 5 to 6 Mediterranean gulls in flight West of Milland
19th – Natterer’s bat cat victim found grounded with broken wing Fernhurst
20th - At least two chicks on one of our tern rafts. Possibly more on the other. Frensham Little Pond
21st - Kestrel perched on top of tall conifer Headley
21st - Turtle dove seen Fernhurst garden
22nd - Male and female dormice in a box, and a female in another Imbhams Farm, Haslemere
23rd - Large grass snake Garden at Plaistow
25th - Common pipistrelle found grounded - taken into care Nightingale Road, Godalming
28th - Turtle dove heard. Marbled white butterfly Durfold Wood, Plaistow
29th - Common pipistrelle cat victim found grounded - taken into care and later released Grayshott

MAY 2016


Early in month - Nightingale singing regularly Swan Barn Farm, close to town centre
1st - Male orange-tip butterfly fluttering around garden Furnace Place
2nd & 3rd - Speckled wood butterfly sunning itself on a beech hedge, orange tip butterfly Woodland garden, Chiddingfold
3rd - Pair of garden warblers Witley Common
3rd - Male sparrow hawk making two fast flights over and through garden hedge full of sparrows,none caught. Church Rd. Milford
4th - Grass snake swimming in a ditch Wood near Plaistow
6th – Holly blue and two brimstone butterflies Petworth Road garden
6th Eumenid wasp exploring holes in house brickwork  Click for photo Petworth Road
7th - Butterflies: peacock Click for photo, orange tips, male and female, red admiral Above Hascombe village
7th - Pair of Canada geese guarding their 6 goslings   Click for photo Edge of Hascombe pond
7th - Curlew and spotted flycatcher Witley Common
10th – Good displays by serotine and common pipistrelle bats along woodland edges. Also, a single Myotis sp. detected – possibly a Natterer’s bat Grounds of Gilbert White's Museum, Selborne
11th - 3 sexton beetles, Nicrophorus sp. beneath pigeon carcass  Click for photo Field off Chase Lane
11th - Several nightingales heard singing, one seen. Also seen: longtailed tits, a whitethroat and a kestrel perched on a pine  Click for photo Milford Common
11th - 3 hobbies flying feeding on insects, curlew singing on territorial flight, Dartford warbler, male reed bunting, stonechat, whitethroat, cuckoo-male Click for photo Close to the Thursley Parish Field
11th - Crossbills, many goldfinches . Heard were skylark, woodlark ,linnets, garden and willow warblers Thursley Common
12th - Several palmate newts courting in pond Swan Barn Farm
12th - Holly blue, male orange tip and speckled wood butterflies. Also a large red damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula  Click for photo Swan Barn Farm
12th - Slow worm  Click for photo Near Frensham
12th - Common cockchafer male found down collar!  Click for photo Church Rd. Milford garden
13th - Small and very active swarm of male green longhorn moths Adela reaumurella  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
14th - Grizzled skipper butterfly Pyrgus malvae  Click for photo Bramshott Common
14th - Snakefly (probably Phaeostigma notata)  Click for photo Hammer Vale
15th - Firecrest Witley Common
16th – Common and soprano pipistrelles, and a few long-eared bats emerging beneath roof tiles around sunset Furnace Place
20th - Common tern, curlew 1, stonechat pair + fledged young Witley Common
20th - Nightjars back. Churring at 9pm Black Down
20th – Very active group of common pipistrelles feeding around old oak. Also, calls of one or two unidentified Myotis bats. Wood near Plaistow
21st - Dormouse found sleeping in one of our newly installed boxes  Click for photo Imbhams Farm
24th – About a dozen Alcathoe bats Myotis alcathoe emerging from beneath roof tiles Furnace Place
25th - Stonechats and a tree pipit singing on top of a pine. Also edible dryad's saddle bracket fungus Polyporus squamosus on felled tree   Click for photo Farnham Heath RSPB Reserve, Tilford
25th - Nightingale singing, possibly two Woodland off Killinghurst Lane
26th - Nightjar churring Cochet Valley, Black Down
26th -  Nightjar churring Boarden Door Bottom, Black Down
26th - 1-3 roding woodcock, tawny owl, distant cuckoo, pair stonechat - male in song flight, male woodlark - song flight Black Down
26th - Several roe deer, 1 fox, 1 small bat (= pipistrelle sp?) and 2+ slightly larger ones Top of Chase Lane
27th - Very large hornet, around 2 inches long Courts Hill Road garden
27th - Several broad-bodied chaser dragonflies patrolling ponds Click for photo with females laying eggs   Black Down
28th - Bullfinch Click for photo Plaistow garden
28th - Roebuck  Click for photo Near Chiddingfold
28th - Male rhinoceros beetle Sinodendron cylindricum Click for photo plus a female a few days later Hammer Vale garden
30th - 15 Alcathoe bats Myotis alcathoe emerging from beneath roof tiles Video clip Furnace Place
31st - Duke of Burgundy and dingy skipper Click for photo butterflies, both male; also fresh common spotted orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii  Click for photo Noar Hill

APRIL 2016


1st - Red kite, about 20 buzzard, sparrowhawk, kestrel displaying, 4 woodlark territories (1 pair, 2 males and one other seen), pair of stonechat, chiffchaff singing, 1-2 Dartford warbler males singing,raven, 2+ linnet, 2 lesser redpoll, 25 common crossbill including female carrying nesting material Black Down
1st – Bee fly, probably Bombylius major Petworth Road garden
3rd - Lots of birdsong: 2 tree pipit males, plus another, 2 woodlark males, 2 Dartford warbler males, 4 stonechat territories Black Down
3rd - 2 singing firecrests Haste Hill - one at the top, one at the bottom
3rd - 2 ravens, one with something large and black in its bill Black Down
3rd - Swallow, 3 singing blackcap males Witley Common
3rd - Brimstone and peacock butterflies on wing Petworth Road garden
4th - Bank vole foraging in Cotoneaster bush beneath bird feeder Petworth Road garden
5th - 4 swallows flying high Over Enton Lakes, Witley
5th - Cuckoo calling Durfold Wood, Plaistow
7th - Raven, crossbill Witley Common
8th - Angle shades moth Phlogophora meticulosa at rest   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane greenhouse
8th - Grounded brown long-eared bat found on driveway   Click for photo Inval
10th - Swallow Near Milland
11th - Female black redstart on the roof of the houses South end of Pathfields Close
11th - Willow warbler and nightingale singing Durfold Wood, Plaistow
11th - Common lizard basking in sunshine Durfold Wood, Plaistow
12th - Tree pipit male singing, whitethroat male singing, redstart singing Witley Common
14th - Cuckoo calling Grayswood
14th - Nightingale male singing, 12 lesser redpoll Witley Common
17th - Cuckoo calling Woods off Lickfold Road, Fernhurst
17th - 5 female linnets (some may have been young) plus 2 males on nyger feeders, and a pair of bullfinches Chatsworth Avenue garden
17th - Two grey herons flying along valley together Swan Barn Farm
17th - Swallow Over Ifold garden
17th - Cuckooo Wood near
18th - Male ring ouzel     Click for photo Witley Common
18th - Juvenile linnet balancing on a tree branch Chatsworth Avenue garden
18th - Two adult badgers and a smaller one foraging on lawn at dusk Petworth Road garden
19th - Adult slow worm, juvenile slow worm and grass snake under mat of roofing felt Plaistow garden
20th - Two male ring ouzels singing and a male cuckoo calling Witley Common
20th - 6 lapwings in stubble Near Lurgashall
21st - Male blackcap visiting bird feeders, and one or more chiffchaffs in the woods. Plus a lapwing in the fields Furnace Place
21st - Pair of wrens fighting viciously, quite oblivious to nearby humans By River Wey near Farncombe

22nd - Of 49 dormouse boxes in private woodland 13 had wrens' nests with 3 containing eggs

Imbhams Farm, Haslemere
23rd - Early-purple orchid Orchis mascula  just starting to flower on boundary bank   Click for photo, also several orange-tip Butterflies Aanthocaris cardamines alongside canal and woodland path By Wey & Arun canal, Loxwood
23rd - Male ring ouzel still present (presumably waiting for the terrible weather to change before moving on). Witley Common
24th - Black fox carrying bird back to its den Railway cutting bank near Witley Station
26th - Male ring ouzel still present. Some migrants overdue - only 2 willow warblers seen so far. Witley Common
26th - Orange-tip butterfly    Click for photo Durfold Wood, Plaistow
28th - Buzzard seen in aerial display flight carrying a snake (most likely an adder) in its talons Witley Common
30th - 2+ buzzard, kestrel, male cuckooo, 2+ male tree pipits, woodlark male singing, 2+ swallows, male stonechat, singing male redstart, 2 male Dartford warblers singing  Click for photo, willow warblers and chiffchaffs, 2+ whitethroat, male blackcap singing, 1+ siskin, 1+ redpoll, 3 bullfinch, 12 crossbill Click for photo, green woodpecker calling Black Down

MARCH 2016


2nd - Siskins feeding at bird table. Regular visits of 15+ birds Click for photo Milford garden
3rd - Bumblebee Bombus terrestris found in pot plant roots. Encouraged to take a little sugar water before release. Click for photo Killinghurst Lane greenhouse
3rd - Pine ladybird Exochomus4 pustulatus Ifold
3rd - Dartford warbler Witley Common
3rd - Two Reeves' pheasants still present. (Releases from Birtley Farm)    Click for photo Opposite Prestwick Farm
6th - Male woodlark singing, male Dartford warbler singing Black Down
6th - 6+ common crossbill Head of Borden Door Bottom Valley
6th - 2 woodlark Stubble field at Imbhams Farm
6th - 3 goosanders on pond, later seen heading south, Imbhams Farm
8th - Firecrest Witley Common
11th - Wasp beetle Clytus Arietis found on sofa in sitting room   Click for photo Church Road, Milford
13th - Great grey shrike Elstead Common
13th - Brimstone butterfly High Lane, Haslemere
13th - Brimstone butterfly Plaistow garden
15th - Raven & lesser spotted woodpecker Witley Common
15th - Peregrine falcon West of Fernhurst
17th - Brimstone butterfly Headley garden
18th - Peregrine falcon South of Fernhurst
19th - Up to 10 red kites Between Black Down and Milland
19th - Pair of peregrine falcons Bexleyhill
19th - Peregrine falcon Fernhurst
20th - 3 singing woodlarks, of which at least one was part of a pair, about 30 common crossbills, inc.several singing males, calling chiffchaff, 11 redwings, peregrine falcon flying north Black Down
20th - Two mandarin ducks Over Chase Lane
20th - Four red kites Fernhurst
20th - 7 brambling at home with finch flock  (siskin and redpolls) 4 of which males and one of those in full breeding garb. 30+ redwing still at large Fernhurst
20th - At least four mandarin ducks Fernhurst furnace pond
21st - Pair of mandarin duck in tree. Also 40+ crossbills Riddens Corner
21st - Grey wagtail Killinghurst Lane garden
22nd - Peacock and comma butterflies - both of a very small size Killinghurst Lane garden
22nd - Chiffchaff (not singing), male lesser spotted woodpecker drumming, brambling, 2 male yellowhammers singing, brimstone and peacock butterflies, frog spawn Witley Common
25th – At least 4 redpolls every day, including one which has a gold crown Headley garden
25th – Chiffchaff calling, plus two brimstone butterflies and a peacock butterfly Durfold Wood, Plaistow
25th 4 buzzards circling and calling Over Petworth Road/Swanbarn Farm
25th – Brimstone and red admiral butterflies on the wing Petworth Road garden
25th – Peacock butterfly Hindhead garden
26th – 2 woodmice foraging together beneath bird feeder Petworth Road garden
28th - Muntjac deer Killinghurst Lane woodland
29th - 3 red kites overhead Killinghurst Lane
30th - Willow warbler singing quietly, at least 10 singing chiffchaff males Witley Common
30th - 2 adders and a single common lizard Witley Common
30th - Large lump of frogspawn Hindhead garden pond
30th - Brimstone butterfly Hindhead garden
30th - Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris amongst a large patch of fritillaries with some white amongst them Roadside verge, Vann Lane , Hambledon



6th - Snipe Black Down
7th - 5 goosanders (4males, 1 female) still on pond Click for photo. Also 3 mandarin ducks Imbhams Farm
7th - 20+ siskins and a lesser redpoll on bird feeder Weycombe Road garden
8th - Brambling attempting to land on garden bird feeder Headley
9th - Red kite, 7+ buzzard, sparrowhawk, kestrel, 2 jack snipe, 3+ green woodpecker, 1-2 singing male woodlark and 1 female, male stonechat, Dartford warbler heard, raven, flocks of 4 (possibly a family group) and 13 common crossbill Black Down
9th - Male blackcap at bird feeder. Robins seen to be paired. Headley garden
10th - Hawfinch West of Fernhurst
10th - Dartford warbler Witley Common
11th - Old dormouse nest of leaves and honeysuckle found beneath nettle patch Woolmer Hill garden
11th - Brambling attempting to land on garden bird feeder Petworth Road garden
11th - Three ravens chasing and calling loudly over the woods Grayswood
13th - Tree creeper, very close to the house Killinghurst Lane garden
mid month - White pheasant, flocks of siskin and redpoll Inval garden
15th - Dunnock - the first seen here for several years Killinghurst Lane garden
16th - 2 long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
16th - 5 Natterer's bats hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
19th - Great grey shrike Black Down
23rd - Frogs on the move ready for mating Swan Barn Farm
23rd/24th - Cormorant and mandarin ducks on pond. Also the 5 goosanders are still present Imbhams Farm
23rd/24th - Male and female siskins, 2m and 2f bullfinch, 4 goldfinch and 2 marsh tits  on bird feeder. Also an opportunistic sparrowhawk perching on feeder. Furnace Place
24th - Male peregrine falcon West of Haslemere
24th - Redpolls on niger seed, also a brambling Haslemere
24th & 26th - Two Reeves's pheasants in field  Click for photo Opposite Prestwick Farm
25th - Female peregrine falcon West of Fernhurst
29th - Bluebell in flower, and several with buds emerging Killinghurst Lane woods



early part of month - Up to 5 goosander on pond Imbhams Farm
for several weeks - Rare leucistic dunnock  Click for photo Garden near Warnham
1st - Flock of redwings arrived Garden at Shottermill
6th - Primroses in flower Chiddingfold Forest
9th - Siskins on niger seed Headley garden
11th - Lesser spotted woodpecker Witley Common
13th - White deer in field adjacent to house. Mid-sized, no antlers, and large ears. Milland
13th - Barn owl sitting on post Killinghurst Lane
14th - Female linnet on niger seed feeder Chatsworth Avenue garden
16th - Great grey shrike Witley Common
18th - Jack snipe (only the third recent record at this site). Also 3 raven, stonechat,fieldfare and Dartford warbler Black Down
19th - 2 long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
19th - 3 Natterer's bats hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
20th - Grounded common pipistrelle bat found in porch (released 18th April) Windfall Wood, Lurgashall
20th - Firecrest foraging in pot plants, ivy and ground vegetation for c. 5 mins Grayswood garden
21st - Pair of peregrine falcons flying west - identified by unusual swoopy/erratic flight and white chin patch...shape of wings Over Haslemere
23rd - Dartford warbler Witley Common
28th - Lesser spotted woodpecker, firecrest, woodlark Witley Common
30th - About 10 bats in hibernation, including Daubenton's, Natterer's and small Myotis (whiskered) Busbridge



5th - Muntjac deer Petworth Road garden
12th - Goldcrest foraging in Cotoneaster bush beneath kitchen window Petworth Road garden
14th - 4 redpolls and 2 siskins sharing the bird feeder in my garden Headley garden
15th – Sparrowhawk swooping along lane in front of NT Landrover for several hundred yards Chase Lane
15th – Single long-eared bat roosting in NT bat barn Chase Lane
17th – Hen harrier (ringtail) in flight. Probably the first record for this site.
Also 2 red kites,
10+ buzzards, 3 kestrels, 1+ raven, 1 singing (!) stonechat and 20+ redwings.
Black Down
18th – Wood mouse scavenging seeds beneath bird feeder Petworth Road garden
18th 1st winter female peregrine Black Down
25th - Male linnet sharing with siskin and goldfinch on bird feeder   Click for photo Chatsworth Avenue garden
25th onwards - Great grey shrike Frensham Great Pond
26th - Redwings in flock Hindhead
29th - Slavonian grebe. First report here since 1996! Frensham Great Pond



1st - Guinea fowl Chiddingfold
4th - Great grey shrike, snipe, 1+ crossbill, 2 Dartford warbler, redwings and fieldfares Black Down
5th - Collared earth star fungi Geastrum triplex   Click for photo Grayshott garden
5th - Three hedgehogs feeding   Click for photo Farncombe garden
9th - Firecrest Witley Common
10th - 4 starlings in oak tree Ifold garden
11th - Hedgehog seen, two nights running Shepherds Hill
12th - Flock of linnets flying over grasslands Imbhams Farm
18th - Great grey shrike   Click for photo Frensham
18th - Hybrid tufted duck/pochard (a male with plumage similar to a scaup) Frensham Great Pond
21st - Dartford warbler (1-2 birds present since 27th October) Witley Common
21st - Great grey shrike (first one seen here since 1988!)   Click for photo Witley Common
23rd - 3 buzzard, 2 sparrowhawk, 2 kestrel, 1+ meadow pipit, stonechat, 55+ redwing, 3 Dartford warbler, brambling, 2 lesser redpoll heard, 21+ common crossbill Black Down
25th - Two goldcrests and a group of mixed fieldfare and redwings Grayswood garden
28th - About 5 cormorant, male goshawk, 2 sparrowhawk, 4+ buzzard, 2+ kestrel, 3 meadow pipit, pied wagtail, 20+ redwing, 7+ fieldfare, mistle thrush, 2 raven, 1+ brambling, about 8 greenfinch, 2+ lesser redpoll, 2 common crossbill Black Down



1st - At least 7 ring ouzels (flocks of 2 and 5), redstart, peregrine stooping to east of ridge Black Down
1st - Elephant hawk moth caterpillar on rosebay willow herb Grayswood garden
2nd - 13 buzzard, kestrel, 10 meadow pipit, 1-2 woodlark, 6+ swallow/house martin, 8+ stonechat, 2 redstart, 2+ redwing, 2+ ring ouzel, 3+ blackbird, 6+ mistle thrush, 10+ chiffchaff, 2 Dartford warbler, 3+siskin Black Down
2nd - 10 or so Harlequin ladybirds on the move Garden at Plaistow
3rd - Lesser spotted woodpecker Black Down, near Temple of the Winds
3rd - 7 buzzard, 1-2 kestrel, 3+ green woodpecker, 10+ meadow pipit, woodlark, about 100 swallow/house martin (mostly latter), 7+ stonechat, 5+ redwing, 3+ ring ouzel, 13+ blackbird, 7+ mistle thrush, 10+ chiffchaff, Dartford warbler (heard), raven, about 10 bullfinch, 1+ siskin, 28 redwing, 8 song thrush, 2 lesser redpoll, crossbills heard Black Down
3rd - Male firecrest Petworth Road
3rd - Female soprano pipistrelle quickly retrieved after being caught by cat whilst emerging from roost. Unhurt, so later released.
Two or three serotine bats seen flying low over farm buildings as pipistrelles began to emerge.
Peasmarsh, Godalming
4th - Goshawk Riddens Corner, Black Down
4th - Sparrowhawk, 7+ buzzard, kestrel, 8 herring gull, about 30 meadow pipit, 4+ swallow/house martin, 10+ stonechat, 2 song thrush, 6+ redwing, 3 ring ouzel, 3 fieldfare, 11+ mistle thrush, 6+ blackbird, about 15 chiffchaff, 2 Darford warbler together, greenfinch, 2+ siskin, 3 redpoll, 10+ bullfinch Black Down
6th - 2 raven, kestrel, 2+meadow pipit, about 10 swallow/house martin, song thrush, 3+ redwing, 2-4 ring ouzel, 12+ mistle thrush, 10+ chiffchaff, lots of goldcrest, 3 firecrest, 16+ bullfinch Black Down
7th - Stoat running across house drive Killinghurst Lane, near Petworth Road
8th - Cormorant, 20+ buzzard, 6+ sparrowhawk (one a displaying female), 2 kestrel, about 25 meadow pipit, skylark heard, about 40 swallow/house martin, about 15 stonechat, juvenile wheatear, 4+ redwing, 2+ blackbird, about 16 ring ouzel (flocks of 12,1,3), mistle thrush, about 10 chiffchaff, 2 singing Dartford warblers (one in flight), 2 raven, 6+ lesser redpoll, 10+ bullfinch Black Down
8th - At least 2 common crossbill coming down to drink Pond north of Sussex Border Path, Black Down
9th - Sparrowhawk, 7+ buzzard, 2 kestrel, 25+ meadow pipit, woodlark heard overhead, 10+ stonechat, 3-4 ring ouzel, 3+ mistle thrush, 5+ blackbird, about 10 chiffchaff, 3 Dartford warbler including a singing male, 11 linnet, 3 greenfinch, 10 goldfinch, 3+ lesser redpoll, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
10th - About 20 meadow pipit, woodlark heard overhead, 6+ stonechat, about 40 redwing, 4 ring ouzel, 10+ mistle thrush, 5+ blackbird, 5+ chiffchaff, 3-4 Dartford warbler, 2 firecrest, 2 raven, 10+ bullfinch, 4+ lesser redpoll, 16 common crossbill Black Down
11th - Tussock moth caterpillar Killinghurst Lane
11th - Sparrowhawk, 11 buzzard, kestrel, 5 common gull to NE, skylark overhead, 10+ hirundines spp., pied wagtail, 6+ stonechat, about 5 chiffchaff, 3 Dartford warbler, song thrush, about 30 redwing, 3 ring ouzel, 10+ mistle thrush, 7+ blackbird, raven heard, brambling, 3 linnet, 15+ redpoll, 10+ siskin, about 15 bullfinch, 10 crossbill including 3 males, 2 yellowhammer (very unusual for this site) Black Down
11th - Tawny owl heard Cotchet Farm Valley, Black Down
12th - 5 buzzard, male kestrel, 4 herring gull, about 5 meadow pipit, pied wagtail, 2+ skylark heard, 3+ stonechat, about 30 redwing, 2 song thrush, 3-6 ring ouzel, 10+ mistle thrush, fieldfare, 8+ blackbird, 2 chiffchaff, 1 f/imm blackcap, 2 Dartford warbler, firecrest heard, raven, 1+ linnet, 1+ redpoll, about 20 siskin, 1+ common crossbill heard Black Down
13th - 1st winter goshawk (probably a male) soaring with 2 red kites Black Down
13th - 3+ ring ouzel, about 6 fieldfare, 10+ redwing, 10+ mistle thrush, 2 Dartford warbler, 3 raven, 1+ lesser redpoll, 1+ common crosbill, Black Down
14th - Fielfares flying north Over Collards Lane
14th - Red kite, sparrowhawk, 5 buzzard, kestrel, 6+ meadow pipit, 1+ skylark, stonechat, about 145 redwing, 2+ song thrush, 2 ring ouzel, 5+ mistle thrush, about 40 fireldfare, about 10 blackbird, Dartford warbler heard, 4 goldfinch, 1+ siskin, 3+ lesser redpoll, 10+ bullfinch, yellowhammer Black Down
15th - 3 buzzard, male kestrel, 2+ meadow pipit, woodlark heard, 5 swallow, 4+ stonechat, 80+ redwing, 2+ fieldfare, 2 ring ouzel, 7+ mistle thrush, 9+ blackbird, 2 Dartford warbler, 5+ brambling, 12+ siskin, 5+ lesser redpoll, 12+ bullfinch Black Down
15th - About 200 redwings heading north Witley Common
16th - 1-2 sparrowhawk, kestrel, 3+ stonechat, 60+ redwing, 70-100+ fieldfare, 5+ misttle thrush, 2 ring ouzel, 5+ blackbird, 2 chiffchaff, 2+ redpoll, 5+ bullfinch, crossbill Black Down
17th - 3 buzzard, male kestrel, 2+ meadowpipit, 5 swallow, 3+ stonechat, 2+ Dartford warbler, 50+ redwing/fieldfare, 2 ring ouzel, 2+ mistle thrush, 2+ blackbird, 7 brambling, about 10 bullfinch, crossbill heard Black Down
18th - 2 ring ouzel, 75+ fieldfare, 20+ redwing, 3 mistle thrush, 7+ brambling, 4 lesser redpoll flying over, 2 linnet, 19 meadow pipit, woodlark heard, raven, 2 pied wagtail, plenty of goldcrest, chiffchaff, Dartford warbler, 4 stonechat Black Down
19th - About 250 fieldfares, 7 bramblings (5 in flight), crossbills heard, a few stonechats and Dartford warblers Black Down
19th - Around 25 - 40 fieldfares and redwings together in one flock Cotchet Valley, Black Down
19th - Raven Over Ridden Corner, Black Down
20th - Great grey shrike Boarden Door Bottom Valley, Black Down
20th - 2 ring ouzel, yellowhammer, 2-3 cormorant, 4-5 sparrowhawk, 6 buzzard, 2 kestrel, about 20 meadow pipit, 7 skylark, 2 swallow, about 80 redwing, about 145 fieldfare, 2+ mistle thrush, 2+ blackbird, 2 Dartford warbler, 2-3 raven, great grey shrike, 4 brambling heard, 2 redpoll, linnet, goldfinch, 2+ bullfinch, crossbill heard Black Down
22nd - Great grey shrike Boarden Door Bottom Valley, Black Down
23rd - Long-eared bat found hanging from fire alarm in nursing home corridor. Released that night. Marley Lane
23rd - Great grey shrike chased by great spotted woodpecker, 11+ meadow pipit, 3 swallow, stonechat, 50+ redwing, ring ouzel, about 70 fieldfare, mistle thrush, 5+ blackbird, 3 Dartford warbler, 2 raven, 13+ brambling, 15+ siskin, 3+ lesser redpoll, 2 linnet, 5+ bullfinch Black Down
26th - About 14 bramblings Black Down
27th - Pipistrelle bat feeding above house Braeside Close
27th - Ring ouzel, red kite, 2 sparrowhawk, about 4 buzzard, 2 kestrel, herring gull, 1+ skylark, 2+ meadow pipit, 2 stonechat, about 30 redwing, 30+ fieldfare, 3+ blackbird, 1+ mistle thrush, chiffchaff singing (!), 4 Dartford warbler, firecrest, 2 raven, 2+ redpoll, 2+ bullfinch Black Down
27th - Small white crab spider found on staircase in house Chiddingfold
30th - 2 kestrel, common snipe, 8+ meadow pipit, 10+ redwing, about 11 fieldfare, 1+ blackbird, 3 Dartford warbler, 1+ lesser redpoll, 1+ bullfinch Black Down
31st - About 8 very flighty common crossbills Black Down
31st - Yellow-browed warbler reported calling Kemnal Park Road
31st - 2 firecrest Witley Common



3rd - Pied flycatcher. First record at this site. Black Down
5th - 17 soprano pipistrelles, including a harem group of six, found using bat boxes Frensham Little Pond
8th - Female/immature ring ouzel. Also what was almost certainly an ortolan bunting flying over Black Down
10th - 250++ house martins passing over Black Down
11th - Hawfinch flying west positively identified. Suggests that two 'possibles' reported on 22nd August were actually commuting hawfinches too. Black Down
11th - Woodlark, 3 redstarts, 10+ spotted flycatchers, 30+ chiffchaffs, tawny owl in a Scots pine, a few buzzards, sparrowhawks, kestrel and hobby.
Also steady stream of swallows and house martins
Black Down
10th - Very rare Clifden nonpareil moth Catocala fraxini found near moth trap   Click for photo Royal Common
12th - Very rare Clifden nonpareil moth Catocala fraxini found near moth trap   Click for photo Thursley village
13th - Hummingbird hawk moth feeding on Buddleia Haslemere garden
13th - Yellow-browed warbler reported Linchmere Common
13th - Two spotted flycatchers, redstart, two Dartford warblers and 25+ chiffchaffs Black Down
15th - Hummingbird hawk moth nectaring Woolmer Hill
15th - Female common pipistrelle found during bat box checks Hunter Base Camp, Swan Barn Farm
16th - Redpoll and firecrest Black Down
17th - Sparrowhawk, about 15 buzzard, 2+ kestrel, 200+ swallow/house martin, about 15 meadow pipit, 9 stonechat, 4 redstart, about 30 chiffchaff, 2 Dartford warbler, 2+ spotted flycatcher, raven, 8 linnet, about 10 bullfinch Black Down
17th - Ring ouzel heard Black Down/Cotchet Farm valley
19th - Solitary wasp Mellinus arvensis on fungus Coprinus plicantilis (pleated inkcap or little Jap umbrella    Click for photo Garden at Ifold
20th - Large female raft spider guarding nursery cocoon full of tiny spiderlings   Click for photo Thursley Common
21st - Large serotine bat skimming low over lawn to catch emerging craneflies Petworth Road garden
23rd - Male serotine bat cat victim found grounded with broken ankle.   Click for photo Gilbert White's House, Selborne
24th - Adult and juvenile hedgehog foraging together. Also two bats seen emerging from bat box in tree. Woolmer Hill

25th – Several common and soprano pipistrelle bats, and three Daubenton’s hunting over lake

Imbhams Farm
29th - Red kite, 6+ buzzard, 2 kestrel (one with small snake or slowworm), 4+ green woodpecker, 15+ meadow pipit, 20+ swallow/house martin, 10+ chiffchaff, 4+ stonechat, wheatear, male redstart, 2 ring ouzel (one a 1st winter male), 3+ mistle thrush, 2 raven, 10+ siskin, redpoll, greenfinch, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
30th - About 5 buzzard, kestrel, 2 herring gull, 2+ green woodpecker, 5+ meadow pipit, 6+ swallow, house martin, 6+ stonechat, 2 redstart, immature female wheatear, 3 ring ouzel (2 male + immature female), 3 blackbird, 3 mistle thrush, 6+ chiffchaff, raven, about 5 each of linnet and siskin, 6+ bullfinch, 2 male crossbill Black Down



1st - Up to 6 red kite, sparrowhawk carrying prey, about 20 buzzard (quite a few young), up to 6 kestrel feeding high with at least 3 adult hobby, 2 raven, up to 5 stonechat. Also, a meadow pipit heard. Black Down
1st - Red kite overhead. No reaction from buzzards also around. Near Killinghurst Lane
1st - Female stag beetle   Click for photo Plaistow garden
2nd - Red kite, 3 sparrowhawk, about 20 buzzard, 6 kestrel, 3 hobby, raven, crossbill Inval, Punchbowl and Hindhead area
2nd - Male firecrest Weycombe Road Wood
2nd - Adult osprey Over Black Down/Fernden Ponds
8th - Large numbers of Natterer's bats found roosting in trees Thundry Meadows
8th - Male black arches moth Click for photo Lymantria monacha and several night flying hornets Woodland near Killinghurst Lane
8th - Very rare juvenile Bechstein’s bat Click for photo, sub-adult Natterer’s bat Click for photo, female Click for photo and juvenile Alcathoe bats and a single soprano pipistrelle captured and quickly released during survey Woodland near Killinghurst Lane
12th - Large skipper, small tortoiseshell, silver washed fritillary and several gatekeeper butterflies sunning themselves Petworth Road garden
16th - 14 Natterer's bats found during bat box checks (8 in one box). Also a rare male Bechstein's bat and a single male soprano pipistrelle.
Remains of several blue tit and nuthatch nests also found in boxes, as well as a number of copper underwing moths
Amphipyra pyramidea or Svensson's copper underwing Amphipyra berbera and chrysalis of black arches moth Lymantria monacha.
Fir Tree Copse, Dunsfold
21st - Juvenile goshawk, 3 sparrowhawk, 20 buzzard, 3+kestrel, 2+ hobby, peregrine, 3+ green woodpecker, 6+ stonechat including 2 first year, 12+ chiffchaff, willow warbler, 4+ whitethroat, 8+ spotted flycatcher, 3 redstart, 2 raven Black Down
22nd - Red kite, 5 sparrowhawk, 16+ buzzard, 4-6 kestrel, 1-2 hobby, adult large black-backed gull, 3 herring gull, 8 green woodpecker, 180+ swallow, 9+ stonechat, redstart, 22+ chiffchaff, whitethroat,, blackcap, Dartford warbler, 3 spotted flycatcher, raven, 5 linnet, 10+ bullfinch including 4 juveniles, possibly 2 hawfinch (but see 11th September) Black Down
23rd - 2 sparrowhawk, 18+ buzzard, 2 kestrel,adult large black-backed gull, 3+ green woodpecker, 22 (late) swifts, tree pipit,grey wagtail,about 6 swallow, 11 stonechat including 5+ first year, 26+ chiffchaff, whitethroat, 2 blackcap,Dartford warbler, 8+ spotted flycatcher, 1-2 raven, siskin, 3 linnet, 10+bullfinch including 4+ first year, crossbill Black Down
23rd - Red underwing moth. Also a swallow prominent moth (possibly lesser) and a black arches moth rescued from swimming pool Killinghurst Lane garden
24th - 4+ stonechat, 12+ chiffchaff, blackcap, whitethroat, 6+spotted flycatcher, crossbill Black Down
Cormorant, 4 buzzard, 2 kestrel, 4 tree pipit, 4+ stonechat, 30+ chiffchaff, blackcap, whitethroat, Dartford warbler, raven Black Down
25th - A fox family - 3 cubs and vixen playing in sunshine this morning  Imbhams Farm field behind Holdfast Lane
25th - Barn owl Fields to west of Bunch Lane
28th - Small bat flying in broad daylight and drinking on the wing from swimming pool Killinghurst Lane garden
28th - Honey buzzard circling, about 15 buzzards, 2+ kestrel, hobby, tree pipit, 15+ chiffchaff, whitethroat, blackcap, about 35 swallow, about 9 spotted flycatcher, 2 raven Black Down
28th - Painted lady and red admiral butterflies Plaistow garden
29th - Very large red admiral butterfly nectaring on Buddleia Petworth Road garden
29th - Cormorant, red kite, sparrowhawk, 18+ buzzard, kestrel, 2+ green woodpecker, 2-3 swift, 4 tree pipit, 25+ swallow, 7+ stonechat, about 20 mistle thrush, 15+ chiffchaff, willow warbler,1+ whitethroat, 10+ spotted flycatcher, 2 raven, 3 bullfinch Black Down
30th – 5 buzzard, 2 kestrel, 2+ green woodpecker, tree pipit, 18+ swallow, 4+ stonechat, 2 redstart (one a male), immature female wheatear, 40+ chiffchaff, willow warbler, 2+ whitethroat,male firecrest, 15+ spotted flycatcher, 4+ linnet, 4+ bullfinch Black Down
30th – Skull of young badger, picked clean of flesh, found on garden lawn  Click for photo Petworth Road garden
30th – About 90 Natterer's bats emerging from roost Near Thundry Meadows
30th – About 30+ mistle thrush Past Valewood, near horse paddocks
31st - Roe buck, doe and juvenile, resting together on lawn Petworth Road garden

JULY 2015


1st - Grass snake in swimming pool   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
1st - Singing male wood warbler (2nd record for year) Witley Common
1st - Two marbled white butterflies Witley Common
4th - Crossbill Witley Common
9th - Brilliant emerald dragonfly (first confirmed report for site)  Click for photo Witley Common
9th - Juvenile common pipistrelle found trapped in bathroom. Nursed back to health and released, when over 50 bats were seen to emerge from its roost Holt Pound
11th - Male purple emperor butterfly on the ground Bramshott Common
11th - Very large grass snake - looked 4 feet long Garden patio in Fernden Heights
11th - A dozen or more bats circling at dusk - appearing to emerge from a house high on the Hill Frensham, near Marindin Hall
11th - Female stag beetle Witley Common
15th - White-legged damselfly. Possibly first record for this site.    Click for photo Witley Common
17th - Tree pipit Near Ridden Corner, Black Down
17th - A few common and soprano pipistrelle bats and one or two Daubenton’s bats detected in flight Woods near White Beech Lane, Chiddingfold
18th - Holly blue butterfly Killinghurst Lane garden
18th - Kestrel mobbing a buzzard, two more probable juveniles flying squawking, and another on a cow trough. Near Ridden Corner, Black Down
18th - Two stonechats and a few buzzards Gibbet Hill
18th - Many common and soprano pipistrelle bats in flight. Many Daubenton’s bats and a single noctule bat detected above lake Winkworth Arboretum
19th - Demoiselle and golden banded dragonfly Killinghurst Lane garden
19th - Eyed hawk moth    Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
19th - Chicken of the woods fungus Killinghurst Lane garden
19th - Two or three red kites  Over Haslemere
19th - Red kite. Also a hobby. North of Gibbet Hill
21st - Adult and juvenile Mediterranean gulls soaring high and heading west Over Fernhurst
21st - Roesel's Bush-cricket (macropterous form). Possibly first record for this site.    Click for photo Witley Common
25th - Rare colour form of female silver-washed fritillary f. valezina. Only seen a few times before at this site   Click for photo Witley Common
26th - Roe buck separating juvenile from mother - presumably in an attempt at mating Petworth Road garden
27th - Sparrowhawk with prey, 15+ buzzards including two noisy juveniles, one or more kestrels, 2 hobbies along west side, 2 ravens flying east over ridge, 10 crossbills Black Down
27th - Two juvenile stonechats Top of Cotchet Farm valley, Black Down
27th - Common newt 1 in big puddle On main path just north of Temple of the Winds, Black Down
29th - Pair of red kites flying quite high and heading WSW Over centre of Chiddingfold
31st - Female stag beetle Headley Down garden

JUNE 2015


1st - Common blue butterfly   Killinghurst Lane garden
6th - Pair of Dartford warblers Black Down
7th - Family of wrens, young with no tails yet. Also a nest of white tailed bumble bees Domestic garage in Killinghurst Lane
7th - Painted lady butterfly   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane garden
7th - Turtle dove heard singing (purring) in woodland Off Grailands Close, Fernhurst
9th - Bank vole eating fallen flower heads beneath honeysuckle Petworth Road garden
10th - Very rare Bechstein’s and three barbastelle bats found during specialist survey Quellwood Common
15th - 4 or 5 crossbills, 4+ tree pipits, 2 woodlarks, sprinkling of stonechats, raven, 2 kestrels, sparrowhawkand about 15 buzzards Black Down
16th - Painted lady butterfly Henley garden
20th - Siskin on bird feeder. Also silver-ground carpet moth fluttering about Petworth Road garden
22nd - Painted lady butterfly Hurstfold Farm
22nd - Two hobbies Woolbeding Parkland
23rd - Two redstart fledglings/juveniles, three curlews in flight, one curlew doing some sort of display flight, two hobbies variously hunting and perched on dead tree, twelve or so swifts Thursley NNR
24th - Nest of fledgling wrens in dormouse box Imbhams Farm
24th - Whitethroat, up to four hobbies hunting and perching, swifts Thursley NNR
25th - Female stag beetle rescued from garage Headley
26th - Cuckoo wasp Chrysis ignita Petworth Road garden
27th - Three common tern flying over Witley Common
27th - Golden-ringed dragonfly Witley Common
28th - 118 soprano pipistrelles emerging from beneath hanging tiles and several grounded babies. Also a few long-eared bats emerging from loft. Whitmore Vale

MAY 2015


Calls of very rare lesser horseshoe bats recorded during overnight survey Alder Road, Headley Down
4th - Nationally scarce large red-belted clearwing moth (Synanthedon culiciformis). A species associated with birch on heathland.   Click for photo   Bramshott Common
8th - Two Canada geese by garden swimming pool   Click for photo Killinghurst Lane
9th onwards - Several skylarks, two nightingales singing Jobsons Lane, Lurgashall
12th - Hobby in flight Meadow Farm, Headley
13th - Large and noisy swarm of bees, too high to be collected. Moved on after about 3 hours. Killinghurst Lane garden
13th - 6 red kites flying south high over the ridge, followed by up to another 5 around and about afterwards Black Down
14th - Nightjar churring briefly, three roding woodcock and two tawny owls calling Boarden Door Bottom, Black Down
15th - Red kite over ridge, 9 buzzards, kestrel, 3 singing tree pipits, singing redstart, pair stonechats feeding young, singing firecrest Black Down
15th - Alchymist moth, Catephia alchymista , a very rare migrant Moth trap in Thursley garden
16th - Red kite North of Gibbet Hill
16th - Male firecrest singing East of Gibbet Hill
16th - Pair of hobbies and male redstart singing Hindhead Common
17th - 5 red kites, 25 buzzards, sparrowhawk, kestrel, pair of hobbies, male cuckoo, male redstart, male woodlar and three male firecrests singing Black Down
17th - Male firecrest singing Haste Hill
17th - Dead brown long-eared bat brought in by cat   Click for photo Catteshall Lane, Godalming
19th - Cockchafer found in lavender bed   Click for photo Furnace Place
19th - Several soprano pipistrelle bats feeding voraciously Shillinglee Lake
20th - Large number of tawny owls calling, and woodcock seen in flight Black Down
23rd - Two hobby falcons seen in flight Over Woolbeding Lake
23rd - Newly hatched broad bodied chaser dragonfly   Click for photo By garden pond in Hill Road
23rd - Spotted flycatcher Black Down
24th - - Hobby falcon Over Benbow Pond
24th - Cuckoos calling, pair of firecrests, pair of busy redstarts Black Down
24th - Wood warbler singing, though not in full song Black Down
24th - Carpets of common speedwell and several tiny moths Micropterix calthella    Click for photo Field in Killinghurst Lane garden
24th - Large numbers of buzzards, including a group of 14! 2 sparrowhawks, 3 kestrels including male with slow worm or adder. Pair of hobbies, male cuckoo, male woodlark Black Down
24th - Male firecrests Chase Farm and Chase Lane
24th - Two soprano pipistrelles, two whiskered bats and two Alcathoe bats caught during survey. The pregnant female Alcathoe radio tracked Click for photo to maternity roost of about 18 bats in nearby house Imbhams Farm
25th - Red kite - up to 5, inc one being mobbed by lapwing. Male woodlark, 3 tree pipit (one taking food to nest), Black Down
25th - Four firecrests in different places Chase Farm, Chase Lane, Tennysons Lane car park, copse S of High Barn Farm
25th - Cockchafer Church Road, Milford garden
27th - At least three nightjar. Two seen in flight together - perhaps a pair. Chase Lane area
28th - Many bog beans in flower  Click for photo Thundry Meadows
28th - Large flock of long tailed tits, plus many swifts and swallows Thundry Meadows

APRIL 2015


Early in month - Pair of buzzards disputing ownership of very tall fir tree with carrion crows   Click for photo  
(Took possession for a few days, but now seem to have departed).
Woods between Swan Barn Farm and Petworth Road
Early in month - Frog spawn eaten by mallards     Garden pond at Ifold
6th - First swallow seen. Then three more on 7th Farm near Milland
6th - A pair (at least) of peacock butterflies Headley
6th - Chiffchaff calling Longmoor Ranges
7th - Pair of red kites Over the Wey Navigation above the Godalming packet boat company shed
7th - Swallow Ifold garden
9th - Two, then three, then four male brimstone butterflies chasing a female Haslemere garden
9th - Cuckoo 1 male (seen flying over, calling), willow warbler 1 male (singing) Frensham Great Pond/Common
10th – Goldcrest foraging amongst flower bed heathers Petworth Road garden
10th – Pair of dunnocks mating beneath Mahonia bush Petworth Road garden
10th – Tree pipit. Also the first willow warblers seen here this year. Witley Common
11th - Chiffchaffs calling Frillinghurst Wood
11th - First nightingale heard Chiddingfold Forest
12th - Dartford warbler, swallow, woodlark. Also a chiffchaff seen, and cuckoo calling. Thursley Common NNR
12th - Male pied flycatcher (thought to be on passage) Near Loxwood
13th - Rather poorly female common pipistrelle bat found in house Loxwood
14th - Single house martin Over field near Plaistow
14th - Speckled wood butterfly Plaistow garden
14th - First 2015 record of redstart at this site Witley Common
14th - Cuckoo heard Farnham Lane
15th - 9 Nightingales singing    Chiddingfold Forest
15th - Cuckoo heard Chiddingfold Forest
15th - Nightingale singing by day Wood near Plaistow
15th - Cuckoo calling Wood near Plaistow
16th -Swallows Gospel Green
16th and 20th - Cuckoo. And yellowhammers still around Jobsons Lane, Lurgashall
18th - Curlew, cuckoo, stonechat and chiffchaff calling. Also an unusual goose seen - probably a hybrid of Canada and greylag Thursley
20th - 2 male redstart and a woodlark (heard only) Lynchmere &
Stanley Commons
21st - First 2015 records of garden warbler and cuckoo at this site Witley Common
22nd - Holly blue butterfly. Also an unidentified tiny dark butterfly in flight - possibly small copper Petworth Road garden
22nd - Two red kites, initially quite low, but soaring much higher. (Also reported a few days earlier over Mill Farm, near Ramster) Killinghurst Lane garden
23rd - Woodlarks heard Marley Common
23rd - Orange tip butterfly (male), small tortoiseshell and holly blue butterflies Killinghurst Lane garden
24th - Hedgehog Pine View Close
24th - First 2015 record of nightingale at this site Witley Common
24th - Common pipistrelle bat found dead after being trapped inside house for some days Longmoor Road, Liphook
25th - Six large male slow worms under cover of compost bin Pine View Close
28th - Wood warbler, singing male (1st record here since 2005). Also a red kite Witley Common

MARCH 2015


First week - Four very placid wasp beetles Clytus arietis   Click for photo Furnace Place
1st - First bumble bee of the year seen on South facing wall warming herself in the sunshine.  Later spotted flying around the garden Furnace Place
4th - Two red kites overhead Top of Haste Hill
7th - Brimstone butterflies Oldlands Wood, Chiddingfold Forest
7th - Newly hatched male brimstone butterfly in centre of village garden hedge in the warm sun. Milford
8th - Red kite (possibly two) high overhead Junction of Tennysons Lane and Chase Lane
8th - Three brimstone butterflies Tugley Wood, Chiddingfold
10th - Adder Witley Common
11th - Grey shrike flying, feeding and perching on Shrike Hill, a curlew, several stonechats, woodlarks and a common lizard sunning itself on the board walks  Click for photo Thursley Common
11th - Sparrow hawk speeding through garden bird feeders Milford
12th - Red admiral butterfly Plaistow garden
13th - First sighting of last year's efts and the return of the adult palmate newts in the pond amongst the dozen or more frogs and a large amount of spawn. Toads too.
15th - Splendid roe buck with antlers in velvet Petworth Road garden
21st - Pair of brambling in full breeding plumage. They've been in and out all winter but today's sighting was splendid

Braeside Close garden

26th - Roe deer  Click for photo Just off the Greensand Way footpath between More Park and the river Wey
27th - Brimstone butterfly Petworth Road garden
27th - Male blackcap on bird feeder Petworth Road garden
30th - 9 male palmate newts and 1 male smooth newt Plaistow garden pond
30th - Female slowworm under metal sheet Plaistow garden



1st - Red kite Catteshall, Godalming
6th - Flock of  about 12 bramblings picking at lawn Pine View Close
8th - Red admiral Tugley Wood, Chiddingfold
13th - Bats on wing Collards Lane
13th - Pair of long tailed tits on bird table, Pair of bullfinches nipping at Azalea buds. Pair of wrens. Tawny owl heard at night Pine View Close
16th - Three long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
16th - Many peacock butterflies and at least one comma hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
16th - Several herald moths hibernating in NT bat barn   Click for photo Nutcombe Valley
16th - A single Natterer's bat hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
20th - Jack snipe (First ever recorded at this site!) Witley Common
23rd - Pipistrelle and serotine bats in flight Petworth Road garden

24th - Red kite soaring

N of Easebourne, on slopes of Bexley Hill
27th - Brown long-eared bat found roosting on sitting room wall   Click for photo (Released from care 5th March) Milland
27th - Sparrowhawk eating wood pigeon Haste Hill
28th - Barn owl still quartering the fields at dusk (or before dusk), yellowhammer singing, song thrushes singing, 9 magpies in field, wrens, redwings, willow/marsh tit, coal tit etc Jobsons Lane, Lurgashall

Highlights of February`s garden visitors ;
Buzzard,very dark plumage - perching on trellis early mornings; 
Sparrowhawk regular - woodpigeon taken;
Grey heron - pond frogging daily;
Canada geese - pair, evening circuits;
Treecreeper ; bullfinches; goldcrest; marsh tits; long-tailed tits and pheasants ( welcome shooting season survivors !) 
Species total  28 ( very high numbers of common bird feeder visitors ).

Furnace Place



3rd - Male brambling Haslemere garden
9th - Yellow necked mouse collecting crumbs beneath bird feeder Click for photo Petworth Road garden
10th - Red kite searching for food Over Pine View Close, then Bunch Lane
18th - Kingfisher perched briefly, then flying low across pond Imbhams Farm
20th - Two grey herons in flight Over Holdfast Lane
20th - Treecreeper Woodland adjoining Swan Barn Farm
20th - Red kite flying over garden Junction of Lower Road/The Mount, Grayswood
21st - Four long-eared bats hibernating in NT bat barn Chase Lane
21st - Three Natterer's bats hibernating in NT bat barn Nutcombe Valley
21st - Song thrushes singing, bullfinch, kestrel (have been scarce here due buzzards). Several goldcrests, marsh tit and tree creeper all in old ash tree Jobsons Lane, Lurgashall
21st - Pygmy shrew caught in mousetrap Jobsons Lane, Lurgashall
Highlights of January`s garden visitors ( most at any one time ) : 
 goldfinches ( 4 ), marsh tits ( 2 ), long tailed tits ( 6 ), gold crest, bullfinches (m & f), redwings ( 10+) , greater spotted woodpeckers (m & f), solitary male sparrow, dunnock singing .Total species 25.
Furnace Place