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A Solutionist’s Work

Date: 12 March 2022
Indoor Meeting

Nicola Peel, Solutionist
Nicola, an award-winning environmentalist prefers to call herself a Solutionist.  Her Zoom presentation “Amazon Adventures and Natures Solutions” described her time with indigenous people in Ecuador where, to offset the problem of oil pollution, she helped by devising a scheme for rainwater catchment from the roofs of their homes.
She has been associated with other solutionist schemes such as the making of eco-bricks by packing plastic bottles with plastic rubbish, and growing Inga adulis  (a nitrogen-fixing tree) in alleys which protect food crops.
Click these links for her website and a video she made.
Nicola is prepared to talk to local schools on environmental ideas and Biomimicry. Click here for details.
She is a co-founder of The South East Climate Alliance

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