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Field Crickets on Farnham Heath (RSPB), Tilford

Date: 28 May 2022
Field Meeting

From the Farnham Heath area where 6 Longhorn Cattle were resting and grazing, the walk entered “Tankersford Common” which is not open to the public.
Seen were:  Fox, Roe Deer, Buzzard, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Stonechat, Dartford Warbler and Heath Cudweed. A Whitethroat gave its scratchy song.
In an open, sunny area of tussocky grasses with bare patches of soil the male Field Crickets were stridulating from their burrows.  A female cricket was located crawling through the grass. After crickets were introduced here in 2010 the numbers steadily built up until in 2018 136 males were recorded.  This spring 48 had been heard by the end of May.
In flower-rich acid grassland (soon to be grazed by 8 resident Konik Ponies) finds included: Heath Bedstraw, Heath Speedwell, Sheep’s Sorrel, Bird’s-foot and Heath Grass.

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