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Pond Dipping at ponds in Plaistow

Date: 17 June 2023
Time: 10:30
Directions: GR: TQ009304 RH14 0NT From Plaistow church continue south along Rickmans Lane for ½ mile and park at “Bramble” on R.
Field Meeting

Leader: Katy Ayers (HNHS Member)

Although the water level in two ponds was very low an interesting range of species were found.
In the more shaded pond there were many Common Newts, large dragonfly larvae, Ramshorn Snails and Pea Mussels.  Hand lenses were used to observe Water Louse and daphnia which had been transferred to white plastic boxes.
The other pond, more exposed in sunshine had damselflies, Common Pond Skaters, Lesser Water Boatmen, juvenile newts and very lively water beetles.

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