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Snails and general wildlife at Lynch Hill Hanger, Alton

Date: 29 April 2023
Directions: GR: SU732404 GU34 4HF Directions: If approaching Alton along B3004, about 1km after going under A31 bridge, turn R into Mill Lane. Continue for about 1km then park in Aldi car park on L
Field Meeting

Leader: Dr. June Chatfield (Vice President British Conchological Society)

Snail species totalled 18 (plus 2 slug species) thereby opening members’ eyes to an often overlooked group of organisms. In grassland were found: Wrinkled, Garden and White-lipped. In the beech hanger living examples were found: Round-mouthed, Discus and door snails.  The highlights were 3 species of glass snails and, by using a hand lens, their beating hearts could be seen through their transparent shells.

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