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in the Night: Britain’s nocturnal wildlife

Date: 3 February 2024
Time: 14:15
Indoor Meeting

Speaker: Michael Blencowe (Sussex naturalist, co-author of “Butterflies of Sussex” and wildlife guide)

An audience of over 60 enjoyed the presentation which had not only photographs but sounds of birds and entertaining, animated comments and diagrams.
By the use of trail cameras and ultraviolet torches Michael recounted his night excursions, including:
In the garden: sounds of Green Sandpiper and Redwing; under u-v light colours of Pale Tussock Moth and Brown Hairstreak caterpillars.
In marshland: Caddisfly eggs showed as blue blobs; Bittern and Baillon’s Crake heard.
Heathlands: Nightjar and Glowworm
Woodlands and countryside:  Roe and Fallow Deer, Red Fox, Badger, Nightingale, Hedgehog, Hazel and Harvest Mouse. Also moth trapping finds, Barn Owl pellets, a dead Polecat and many species of bat.

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