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Insects and Plants on Bramshott Common

Date: 19 June 2021
Field Meeting

Leader: Andy Swan (HNHS Member)
Andy gave a brief history of the Common, particularly the impact of Canadian Army Camps in WW1 and WW11, whereby mortar from buildings and materials for roads have altered the pH allowing calcareous-loving plants to survive and plants brought in to maintained gardens have spread. Examples of these are Carline Thistle, Mossy Stonecrop, Birdsfoot Clover, Lady’s Mantle, and St. Dabeoc’s Heath, Bloody Cranesbill and Dotted Loosestrife, all of which Andy revealed their precise location as he knows the area well.
Although mainly dull and overcast, there were two occasions when male and female Silver-studded Blue butterflies were seen and photographed.
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