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Date: 13 March 2021
Indoor Meeting

Rupert Soskin, Professional Photographer and Author
Rupert, nature photographer, presenter and naturalist, gave a virtual Zoom presentation from his home in southern France to 30 participants. His book entitled “Metamorphosis” took three years to write.
In his study he has photographed sequences of instars of various insects by providing controlled, precise environmental conditions (light, heat, humidity). His photographs included instar growth of Giant Atlas and European Swallowtail butterflies and a shield bug’s larva with dramatic colour changes. He showed the life-cycle of a solitary wasp that collects mud to make mud pots in which she lays a single egg. She then catches up to 20 tiny spiders for each pot which she paralyses to provide food for the larva.
Rupert’s tenacity and patience to follow day by day and hour by hour the metamorphic sequences seen in his beautiful photographs astonished and impressed his audience.

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