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Date: 27 April 2024
Time: 14:15
Indoor Meeting

After the short business meeting there will be an illustrated Talk.
Wildlife Projects in Haslemere and Beyond
Speaker: Gareth Matthes (Ecologist and HNHS member)

Gareth, as a local ecologist, spoke to an audience of 39 of wide-ranging schemes and plans with which he is involved.
He gave a number of useful contact details should members want to follow up.

1. As a member of SARG (Sussex Amphibian and Reptile Group) a survey was carried out amongst Haslemere residents in the search for Great Crested Newts.  If you have a record contact:           garethmatthes@yahoo.org.uk

2. Haslemere Biodiversity Group is a group of Haslemere residents concerned about biodiversity in the town and strategies in the Neighbourhood Plan.           info@haslemerebiodiversity.org.uk

3. Haslemere Biodiversity Duty is whereby local authorities, for example Haslemere Town Council, must consider what they do to conserve and enhance local biodiversity.           deputy.clerk@haslemeretc.org

4. Surrey B-lines corridors:  A scheme organised by the national charity Buglife to monitor bee populations in the Haslemere area.           louis.harringtonedmans@buglife.org.uk

5.  For Surrey Dormouse Group, Gareth helps with a transect to record Dormice east of the town and towards Grayswood.            info@haslemerebiodiversity.org.uk

6.  As part of eradication Mink (one of our non-native species) if you are aware of a sympathetic land-owner who might be interested in having a trap or being involved contact: Upper Wey Mink Project.              david.elloitt@nationaltrust.org.uk

7.  Haslemere Water Rangers are involved in monitoring water quality on the River Wey.             clairematthes@haslemeretc.org

8.  Haslemere Tree Wardens. Recently 4 people have been trained recently. If you are interested in being involved: https://www.surreytreewardens.org.uk/members/haslemere           info@transitionhaslemere.org

9.  Community Orchard Project (COPSE).  At Swan Barn Gareth was involved with the planting of fruit trees and where apple-pressing takes place in autumn.            clairematthes.copse@gmail.com

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